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Talk to Me Review

REVIEW: Talk to Me

Having made a name for themselves with popular YouTube channel RackaRacka, Australian twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou have now moved into feature films. Their debut is Talk to Me, a possession horror that, despite faltering somewhat during its second half, still succeeds in impressing overall. All the best horrors open with a nice little …

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Oppenheimer Review

REVIEW: Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer is the latest release from visionary director Christopher Nolan, following the creator of the atomic bomb. While the tone of this film is certainly much more adult and serious than his previous material (yes even Dunkirk), this is undoubtedly yet another Nolan masterpiece. Starring Cillian Murphy as the titular J. Robert Oppenheimer, the film …

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Barbie Movie Review

REVIEW: Barbie

Reviewing Barbie has turned out to be an incredibly difficult challenge. Why? Because much like Barbie herself, Barbie is everything. Greta Gerwig (alongside co-writer Noah Baumbach) has somehow managed to blend wit, vulnerability, challenges of motherhood, gender politics, mermaids, horses and hand-holding CEOs (with a healthy dash of consumerism) into one of the most fun, …

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Past Lives Review

REVIEW: Past Lives

Celine Song’s Past Lives follows the relationship between two childhood friends, Na Young/Nora (Greta Lee) and Hae Sung (Teo Yoo). As classmates, they compete for top marks in school and walk home together every day. This changes when Na Young’s family immigrates to Canada. Twelve years later, Na Young, now Nora, hunts Facebook for former …

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Elemental Review

REVIEW: Elemental

Elemental is the latest animated offering from Pixar, delivering a familiar story but with a twist. It’s a love story involving two very different cultures, in this case, fire and water, and how their love helps eventually bring people together to live in harmony. The result though is entertaining but average. Before we get to …

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Hypnotic Review

REVIEW: Hypnotic

The original screenplay for Hypnotic was written by Robert Rodriguez way back in 2002. Had it been released shortly after that time, I’m sure it would have felt a lot fresher and more interesting than it does now. However, aside from the occasional glimmer of something decent, it now feels instead like it borrows from …

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Missing Review

REVIEW: Missing

After a few months delay, Missing finally arrives in UK cinemas this week, from the team behind one of my favourite movies of 2018, Searching. In Searching we followed a single dad, played by John Cho, as he desperately searched online for his missing daughter. In Missing those roles are reversed as a daughter uses …

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Renfield Review

REVIEW: Renfield

The character of Renfield has already been portrayed countless times on stage and screen, adapted from Bram Stoker’s novel where R. M. Renfield is introduced as the devoted servant and familiar of Dracula. This latest portrayal sees Nicholas Hoult taking on the role, with the focus more on his character than that of Dracula, played …

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