Your Monster Review

REVIEW: Your Monster

When a young actress finds herself dumped after living through a cancer diagnosis, her life falls apart. Until she meets her unexpected new housemate, the Monster hiding in the closet.

Melissa Barrera finds herself at the centre of another comedy-horror, following her work in the newer Scream films and her lead role in this year’s Abigail. Here though, she’s able to flex her comedy sensibilities far more than in previous work, effortlessly charming the screen with her screwball energy. The film also allows her to once again flex her musical gifts, last seen in In The Heights and 2022’s Carmen.

Your Monster Review

Opposite Barrera we have the titular Monster, played by Tommy Dewey. It’s a testament to both his abilities and the brilliant make-up design by David LeRoy Anderson and team that Dewey is able to deliver a swoon-worthy performance through layers of make-up and fur. It was scary realising how quickly I could fall for a Shakespeare reciting Monster and Dewey does not miss a beat here, delivering Caroline Lindy’s surreal script with natural ease. His chemistry with Barrera is at the heart of the film, and Lindy is able to direct the pair rhythmically, making their potential love story feel like destiny, rather than a mental breakdown.

A lot of the success of Your Monster is owed to the amazing music choices and design. Mixing original tracks as part of the musical within the film (which I would be willing to pay good money to watch) with nostalgic songs from the 50s and 60s, we get a glimpse into Laura’s attempts to romanticise her life, escaping the cruel reality she’s found herself in.

Your Monster Review

The set design throughout the film is also brilliant. Playing with the physical space of Laura’s home, we’re able to get a glimpse into the world that Monster inhabits, with playful uses of stolen childhood toys, never-ending closets and physics-defying bed frames, the production department always has one foot in and one foot out of reality. Costume designer Matthew Simonelli follows this, dressing Laura in playful childlike patterns and oversized doll dresses, highlighting her wilful naivety and innocence.

Your Monster is filled with wacky and bizarre choices that somehow work. Lindy has managed to tone her script and direction perfectly, giving us humour, romance, vengeance and touching on mental health and isolation delicately. Well, as delicately as a monster coming into your home and smashing up your kitchen will allow. She also embeds a searing commentary on the Broadway musical and creative spheres, as well as the role of women within showbusiness.

A comedy full of heart and the right amount of anger, it’s sure to become a wacky cult favourite for many. I personally can’t wait to watch it again.

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Your Monster | April 27, 2024 (Mexico) 7.2


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