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Captain Marvel 0

Captain Marvel

Following the traumatic and devastating events of last years Avengers:...

Glass 0


Kevin Wendell Crumb, or more specifically the Horde within him,...

Bird Box 0

Bird Box

It’s easy to draw comparisons between Bird Box and one...

Bumblebee 0


I have mixed feelings when it comes to the Transformers...

Venom 0


The run up to seeing Venom has followed what seems...

The Meg 0

The Meg

If you’ve seen any of the posters or trailers for...

The First Purge 0

The First Purge

The fourth movie in ‘The Purge’ series takes us right...

Rampage 0


I have fond memories of playing the Rampage video game...

Thor: Ragnarok 0

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor movies have always been a bit hit and miss...

Life (2017) 0

Life (2017)

Beginning with a slow, anti-gravity tour of the International Space...

Logan 1 0


My enjoyment of the X-Men movies over the years has...

Black Mirror S03E04 0

Black Mirror S03E04

It’s 1987, and we’re in San Junipero – a party town on a Saturday night. A convertible pulls up to a fast food joint with Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ playing on the stereo.

Arrival 1 0


e past few months have seen wave after wave of...