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Join us, Matt and Mary, as we navigate the wonderful world of cinema on the CineChat Podcast!

We’ll be reacting to the latest news, trailers and releases, whilst revisiting old favourites and discovering classics for the first time – all combined with in-depth case studies of the stars, directors and franchises that have defined the movies.

We have a brand-new theme every episode, bursting with quizzes, polls, Top 10 lists, and more!

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Episode History

Mums Choose our Reviews!
Mothers Day 2020

Episode 18 – 24th March 2020
For Mother’s Day 2020, we let our mums choose the six films we review:

  1. The Full Monty – 08:57
  2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – 18:04
  3. The Color Purple – 24:15
  4. Patch Adams – 37:59
  5. Zulu – 46:09
  6. Forrest Gump – 52:51

The Sound of Music

Episode 17 – 11th March 2020
The podcast is alive (literally!) with The Sound of Music. On the 55th anniversary of it’s release, we explore the world’s most beloved movie musical – its history, production and legacy. Plus we go head-to-head to discover who is its biggest fan!

Our Big Announcement!

Episode 16 – 28th February 2020
We have a big announcement to make… And while we’re at it, let’s have a look at what’s coming up in 2020

The Oscars 2020

Episode 15 – 11th February 2020
The 92nd Academy Awards are finally here! In this episode we react to all 2020 Oscar winners, and compare our prediction scores. Exactly how much did we underestimate Parasite?

BAFTA Awards 2020

Episode 14 – 4th February 2020
It’s time to react to the 2020 BAFTA Film Awards, and… [drum roll] submit our predictions for the upcoming Academy Awards on 9th February. But have we been a bit too risky with our picks?

Best Picture Review 2020

Episode 13 – 27th January 2020
It’s time to review the 9 films nominated for BEST PICTURE at the 2020 Academy Awards …But who will win?

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2020

Episode 12 – 21st January 2020
Following the 2020 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards this week, we compare our thoughts on the Oscar race so far, including the recent Critics’ Choice and Producers Guild (PGA) Awards.

Oscar Nominations 2020

Episode 11 – 14th January 2020
Here is our lightning-fast summary of the 2020 Oscar Nominations, announced Monday 13th January. What were the shocks? Who were the snubs? And who predicted the most nominees correctly?

Golden Globe Awards 2020

Episode 10 – 8th January 2020
This is our reaction to the 2020 Golden Globe Award winners, versus our predictions! We also react to the 2020 BAFTA nominations, so it’s fair to say that Awards Season is well and truly here.

2019 & Decade in Review

Episode 9 – 31st December 2019
A new YEAR and a new DECADE are upon us, so we announce our definitive Top 10 films from 2019 and the 2010s as a whole. Also we make our predictions for the 2020 Golden Globe Awards!

Star Wars

Episode 8 – 24th December 2019
We review the 42-year STAR WARS saga, including the newly-released Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (spoiler-free). What will we choose as our favourite FILM, and who is our favourite CHARACTER?

Christmas 2019

Episode 7 – 17th December 2019
IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! In this episode we discuss a sackful of festive film classics and see how our Top 5 compare to the ‘People’s Choice’.

Golden Globe Nominations 2020

Episode 6 – 10th December 2019
In Episode 6 we discuss the highlights, shocks and snubs of the 2020 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD NOMINATIONS, and compare our own predictions. Who do you think predicted the most nominees correctly?

Introduction to Awards Season

Episode 5 – 3rd December 2019
The 2019-2020 awards season is upon us! In this episode we compile our definitive BEST, WORST and biggest SNUBS from the 91-year history of the Academy Awards, and discuss our expectations for the upcoming Golden Globe nominations.


Episode 4 – 26th November 2019
To celebrate the release of Frozen 2 this week, we explore every era of Disney animated films and pick our Top 10! Featuring a quiz, and our thoughts on the current state of Disney’s cinematic takeover.

Netflix & The Future of Cinema

Episode 3 – 19th November 2019
In this episode, we discuss the rise of Netflix and streaming platforms. But at what cost to the future of the cinema that we know and love?

Martin Scorsese

Episode 2 – 12th November 2019
To honour the release of The Irishman this month, we will be discussing the films of Martin Scorsese and ranking our favourites!

Breaking the Ice

Episode 1 – 5th November 2019
Welcome to the very first CineChat Podcast. In this episode we break the ice and have a catch-up of the films released in 2019 so far. And yes, there is a quiz!