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CineChat Podcast

Join us, Matt and Mary, as we navigate the wonderful world of cinema on the CineChat Podcast!

We’ll be reacting to the latest news, trailers and releases, whilst revisiting old favourites and discovering classics for the first time – all combined with in-depth case studies of the stars, directors and franchises that have defined the movies.

We have a brand-new theme every episode, bursting with quizzes, polls, Top 10 lists, and more!

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HITCHCOCK: PART 2 (CineChat Ep.31) ● Rear Window ● The Birds ● Strangers on a Train ● The 39 Steps
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Published at 2020, October 06
Part Two of our Alfred Hitchcock series continues with:
● Rear Window (1954) - 06:20
● The 39 S
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