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Us Movie 0


I came away from ‘Us’ with a number of very...

Happy Death Day 2U 1

Happy Death Day 2U

The original Happy Death Day was a real pleasant surprise....

The Mule 0

The Mule

It appears there’s just no stopping Clint Eastwood. Not only...

I Kill Giants 0

I Kill Giants

I hadn’t heard of I Kill Giants until I stumbled...

Searching 0


As David Kim (John Cho) searches for his missing daughter,...

The Nun 0

The Nun

I’m a big fan of The Conjuring movies. The original...

Hotel Artemis 0

Hotel Artemis

This review is probably a little unfair in that I...

Happy Death Day 0

Happy Death Day

It’s not that scary, and there’s no real blood or...

Baby Driver 3 0

Baby Driver

Last night’s screening of Baby Driver opened with an introduction...

Life (2017) 0

Life (2017)

Beginning with a slow, anti-gravity tour of the International Space...

Black Mirror S03E04 0

Black Mirror S03E04

It’s 1987, and we’re in San Junipero – a party town on a Saturday night. A convertible pulls up to a fast food joint with Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ playing on the stereo.

Black Mirror S03E03 0

Black Mirror S03E03

If you’ve ever been the subject of some kind of identity or credit card data theft, you’ll know the scary sickening feeling that accompanies the discovery and the hassle of trying to put everything right.