A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born Review

Last night I took Mrs B along to see A Star Is Born, much anticipated and much hyped over recent weeks. And to say we came away disappointed is a bit of an understatement.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are both amazing, particularly in the early parts of the movie as we are introduced to both their characters – music legend Jackson Maine and aspiring singer/songwriter Ally. The songs they sing, the story of them meeting up, falling in love and touring together, it’s all good. But then things begin to go downhill for Jackson, while Ally gradually becomes more and more Lady Gaga. There are still some great moments in the latter half of the movie, but it’s mostly Jackson slurring his words while you try and work out what on earth he’s saying and Ally doing choreography with her dancers and playing big gigs. And it drags. It really drags.

I actually heard some people behind me in the cinema complaining how boring it was. That’s a little unfair, but there are certainly plenty of boring moments and I definitely didn’t feel this was worthy of all the hype.

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