Erika Johnson

I'm a Data Analyst, from the land of Matthew McConaughey. I'm an avid movie-goer and love seeing films in theaters. My most recent favorite films are Good Time, Only Lovers Left Alive, TENET, and England is Mine. When I'm not at the movies, I'm either reading or watching obscene amount of true crime and historical documentaries.

Trese Review


Trese is the newest Netflix Original Anime, based upon a Filipino comic by the same name. The show follows Alexandra Trese, who is a paranormal detective, and assists the police with paranormal crimes. The series is set in Manila, and creatures from the lore of the Philippines coexist alongside the humans. Trese is known as

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Profile Review

REVIEW: Profile

Profile is based upon the true story of a French journalist who went undercover online to report on how ISIS recruits young, recently converted, European women to the jihadi cause. This film uses the same narrative style as Searching, everything is witnessed via screens, and it really works for this story. In Profile, the journalist

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