Matt Hardman

A self-confessed cinephile; hopelessly devoted to film! My areas of expertise include film theory and analysis, twenty-first century ‘modern classics’ and Oscar winners post-1970. And who doesn’t love a good quiz? Proud holder of an MA in Film Studies and lifelong advocate of cinema etiquette.

Tenet Review


OK. What just happened?   “Don’t try to understand it” is the advice given to John David Washington’s unnamed protagonist early on in the film. As a viewer, this could be interpreted as Nolan issuing us either a warning or a challenge… I’m still not sure which, but I know fans will certainly be decrypting Tenet for many years to come. Hats (and masks) off to whoever did understand the film on their first viewing. I’d say this is perhaps one of the most ambitious mind-bending projects I’ve

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REVIEW: Hollywood

In this colourful historical-revisionist drama set during Hollywood’s Golden Age, several aspiring filmmakers (actors, actresses, a writer and director) largely from a variety minority groups and backgrounds set out to fulfil their dream of “making it big” in the glittering City of Stars.Their controversial project – which they struggle to get green-lit, financed, produced and

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Scoob! Review

Destined to divide opinion, SCOOB! was to be the first theatrical Scooby-Doo film since the poorly received live- action sequel Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleased way back in 2004, and amazingly was the first animated adaptation of the Hanna-Barbera creation billed to receive a full theatrical release – that is, until Coronavirus entered the picture! The

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Little Joe Review

Single mother and corporate plant breeder, Alice Woodard (Emily Beecham), has genetically engineered a new species of houseplant whose scent makes its owner feel euphoric – that is, providing you give it plenty of attention in return. Worried that she spends far too much time with her ‘plant children’ than her own teenage son (after

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