Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War

10 years and it’s all been leading to this. And so much has happened in this last decade too, both in the Marvel universe and outside of it, in every day life. I remember watching the very first Iron Man with my brother-in-law, who sadly passed away just a few years later. I remember watching many other Marvel movies with the biggest Marvel geek of them all, my youngest brother, who also tragically passed away before Age of Ultron was released. On-screen we’ve been gradually introduced to countless wonderful characters, each one continuing to expand and enrich the cinematic universe, and each movie touching upon the bigger battle yet to come. Infinity War is the culmination of everything. Expectation and excitement were through the roof for me, as they would be for any Marvel fan, but at the same time I was feeling pretty emotional about it all too. Avoiding reviews and spoilers was agonising, and I can’t remember ever heading into a movie feeling the way I was when heading into Infinity War.

I’m not sure what to say, other than it doesn’t disappoint. And if you’ve followed the Marvel movies and enjoy them in any way at all, you won’t be disappointed either. Every character gets their moment to shine. Every scene draws you in, thrills you to the point where you just don’t want it to stop, then cuts to another scene where that feeling kicks off again – yet another epic moment of threat, action and joy. Characters are spread so far around the universe that many don’t even cross paths, yet they all share one common goal. It never gets boring, the lengthy run time flies by, and it all just works.

In Thanos we finally have a worthy villain. A villain with a purpose you can believe in, a villain that brings credible threat to the universe, and even humour at times. A villain you can even empathise with.

And Marvel also have the balls to pull off the most intense, dramatic, gut wrenchingly final act. One that leaves you traumatised yet wanting more. A truly epic achievement.

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