Black Mirror S03E01 – Nosedive

Black Mirror S03E01 - Nosedive

OK, so with the list of TV shows I still need to finish watching growing every day, I was trying to put off watching the new season of Black Mirror. But, with such huge online buzz and positivity surrounding the show… I caved!

The good thing about Black Mirror is that each episode is self contained, so no need to binge watch the whole thing to find out what happens next, right? Well, with quality as good as this, I think that’s going to be difficult.

Typically, the episode examines modern society and shows the possible direction we are all headed in. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Lacie, in a world where everyone can instantly rate your popularity out of 5 stars based on any social interaction you have with them. What’s more, you can even see another persons current rating via smart lenses worn on the eye. Lacie currently has a rating of around 4.2 and wants it to be higher. Higher ratings allow for certain exclusive privileges in lifeas. But, due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, her rating nosedives and she desperately has to try and get it back on track again.

I cannot rate this show highly enough. Bryce Dallas Howard is sensational too. 5 stars from me…

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