Black Mirror S03E03

Black Mirror S03E03

Shut Up And Dance

If you’ve ever been the subject of some kind of identity or credit card data theft, you’ll know the scary sickening feeling that accompanies the discovery and the hassle of trying to put everything right. But what if it’s much worse than that and not only have you’ve been specifically targeted, but you’re being blackmailed with something they’ve obtained – something which could ruin your life if it were to become public knowledge? In a season which shows no signs yet of a bad episode, ‘Shut up and Dance’ shows us just how much of a nightmare this can be and takes it to the absolute extreme.

Kenny is a 19 year old teenager who discovers that his laptop webcam has been hacked after he receives an anonymous email with a video attachment showing his masturbation session a few moments earlier. Followed by demands for his mobile number with the threat that if he doesn’t follow their demands, the video will be posted to everyone in his contacts list. The instructions begin coming through and as he carries them out, he comes across others who are going through the same process, all following instructions and all terrified of their own awful secrets being revealed. Just how far will these people go to protect themselves? Will they commit robbery? Will they commit murder?

Absolutely amazing episode, on the edge of my seat throughout. You’ll definitely want to stick something over your webcam after watching this one!

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