Cloak & Dagger: Season 1

Cloak & Dagger: Season 1 Review

While I’m a massive fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I never really seem to get on so well with the Marvel TV shows. I get bored, frustrated or just run out of patience with the TV format, with Luke Cage being my longest run so far at 8 episodes. I decided to give Cloak and Dagger a shot, knowing absolutely nothing about about it, and with low expectations after reading the synopsis. I was pleasantly surprised. The show begins with two young children, following very different lives. Tandy is returning from a ballet class in the back of her fathers car, Tyrone hanging out with his older brother and a gang of boys looking to steal a car radio. As Tyrone and his brother flee from the cops and Tandy and her father are crossing a bridge, fate leads them down a similar path. A drilling platform off the coast of New Orleans explodes, sending the car crashing into the ocean, and causing one of the cops chasing the boys to panic, shooting Tyrones brother dead while Tyrone escapes into the ocean. Unfortunately, Tandy’s father doesn’t make it, and both Tandy and Tyrone are suddenly caught in a mysterious wave of energy which ripples out from the collapsing platform. 8 years later and both kids are alive and still leading very different lives. They begin to discover that they have abilities, although it’s not clear for much of the season exactly what those abilities are and how well they can be used. Tandy can generate bright white daggers from her hands and Tyrone can teleport randomly. Also, when Tandy touches somebody, she can see their hopes. When Tyrone touches somebody, he can see their fears. It all seems a bit pointless for a while, so luckily for us the rest of the story, along with the supporting cast, is all pretty strong. Tandy is investigating Roxxon, the company responsible for the exploding platform. Her father also worked for Roxxon, who seem determined to tarnish his good name and do anything possible to cover up whatever it is they’re up to. Meanwhile Tyrone is out to see the cop who shot his brother, and was never punished for it, finally brought to justice. Along the way, their paths cross, and it becomes clear that their powers are more effective when they’re together. This all comes to a head in episode 7, where they both enter the mind of a man who has been in a comatose state since working on the drilling platform eight years ago. They must repeatedly relive the few minutes before the explosion until they can figure out what happened and how to stop it in order to free the man. It’s the kind of plot I absolutely love, and one which gets used a lot in TV shows, most recently in the last season of Star Trek Discovery. I loved it then, and I loved it now. While the season finale was a bit of a strange mish-mash, it didn’t matter for me as I loved the rest of the season so much. A bit of a slow burn at times, but with a good story and characters to keep things moving nicely. Nice to know that season 2 has been given the go ahead too.

Board Rating 4

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