Coco is one of those movies where I feel the trailer doesn’t really do it justice. Even now, having actually seen it, I still feel the trailer makes it look like another average animated movie. But similar to previous Pixar offering ‘Inside Out’, this goes so much deeper than that. And it turns out to be just as brilliant too.

For the first half hour or so though, the movie didn’t really grab my attention. The animation and the attention to detail is certainly superb as we’re introduced to young boy Miguel, his large family and the vibrantly colourful Mexican town where they live. During the annual day of the dead celebrations, Miguel finds himself trapped in the land of the dead, another vibrant and beautifully detailed world. Rules are introduced as to how this land works and how the dead are able to visit their living loved ones. But it still left me fidgeting in my seat a little.

But then there’s a twist, and a real race against time adventure kicks off. And I also started to get the impression that things were heading towards a pretty emotional ending too. From then on I was loving it. This turned out to be a brilliantly beautiful movie about life and death and the importance of family.

And sure enough, come the end of the movie I’d managed to get some dust in my eyes or something…

Board Rating 4

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