Isn't It Romantic

Isn’t It Romantic Review

This films starts off well. Before the opening credits we’re treated to a lovely cameo by Jennifer Saunders playing the drunken mother of 10 year old Natalie.

Natalie is transfixed by her tiny living room TV, watching the iconic Pretty Woman. Daydreaming of the romantic future her life has in store. Her Mum soon puts pay to any hopes of a fairy tale ending, telling her daughter in no uncertain terms, life and in particular love is just not like that

Fast forward to the present day, where Natalie (now played by Rebel Wilson) burst onto our screens.

Natalie has grown up having a really low opinion of herself, she is now a New York architect struggling to be taken seriously by her bosses and has a pretty boring existence

We meet all the other main characters really quickly, Josh, a colleague who secretly has a crush on her, (Adam De Vine), Blake, the good looking stranger, (Liam Hemsworth) and her best friend Whitney, (Betty Gilpin).

Isn't It Romantic

On the way home from work after a bad day Natalie is mugged, gets knocked unconscious and when she wakes up, finds herself in an alternate universe. Already cynical about love. Natalie’s worst nightmare soon comes true when she suddenly discovers that she’s playing the leading lady in a real-life romantic comedy

I really like Rebel Wilson and this is definitely her film, if you’ve ever seen any of her previous roles there are no surprises here, sometimes I forget she’s not actually Fat Amy

The story is obvious and predictable, but this isn’t a criticism. It’s a parody and supposed to be this way. There are a few good jokes and really nice references to a lot of romantic movies especially Pretty Woman.

I particularly liked the scene after Natalie and Blake’s date when the film cuts swiftly to the next morning. Natalie not really knowing if anything actually went on, tries again only for the same thing to happen

Half way through the film gets a little lost, maybe trying a little too hard to be funny. Watching it I was a reminded a little bit of when Scary Movie made fun of Scream, a movie which in itself was already making fun of all the horror movie clichés

Isn't It Romantic

I liked the ending, where to wake up from this parallel universe Natalie has learn to fall in love but not with the person we were quite expecting.

Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t a bad film, just maybe not a good as all the film’s it was making fun of, which, I don’t think you can help to compare it to. There is a great song and dance number at the end which is always a winner with me, but once it had finished all I really wanted to do was go and re-watch Pretty Woman.

Isn\'t It Romantic (2019) 88min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | 28 February 2019 (UK) Summary: A young woman disenchanted with love mysteriously finds herself trapped inside a romantic comedy.
Countries: USALanguages: English

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