John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2

I absolutely loved the first John Wick movie. Brimming with originality, breathing fresh new life into the action genre and giving Keanu Reeves the kind of seriously cool role he hasn’t really had since The Matrix (and Bill and Ted, obviously). One of my favourite movies in recent years.

The first movie introduced us to a secret underworld of assassins, complete with its own set of complex rules and code of conduct. As Wick came out of retirement, we were plunged right back into that world with him. And it was an absolute blast, with beautifully choreographed action involving both weaponry and hand to hand combat. You could argue though that chapter 2 treads very similar ground. A reluctant Wick is thrust head first once again back into the assassin business. All hell breaks loose, pretty much EVERYONE wants to try and take down the legendary boogeyman, fantastic action follows.

My only complaint with chapter 2 though is that the initial surprise of discovering this complex new world, hidden in plain sight, has now gone. We do go a lot deeper into that world, revealing something much, much bigger and global, but I just felt as though that spark of originality was missing.

That’s only a minor complaint though. It’s pretty safe to say that if you enjoyed the first movie, you’re going to absolutely love this one too. The action is still superb, Reeves is fantastic and the possibilities for another chapter that are teased at the end of this one are mind blowingly exciting! Amazing movie.

Board Rating 4

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