Kubo And The Two Strings 1

Kubo And The Two Strings

My daughter and I have been fans of all the Laika movies so far but when we saw the trailer for this one, neither of us were very impressed – a strange looking story about a boy and two annoying sidekicks?! Those short 2 to 3 minutes didn’t really sell it for us at all and we decided to give this one a miss. But, since it’s release about 90% of the reviews I’ve read have all been singing it’s praises, so I thought I might just have give it a chance. My daughter was harder to convince, but convince her I did!

Boy am I glad that I didn’t go with my initial instincts! First things first, the animation here is incredible. Although CGI is used to enhance some of the stop motion work, the quality and attention to detail is really blurring the lines now between this method of animation and the kind of work that somebody like Pixar produces, so hats off to everyone involved. Amazing work.

The story is beautiful, dealing with family, death and the afterlife in such a touching way. There’s also plenty of action and adventure and those two annoying sidekicks… definitely aren’t annoying when you begin to discover who they really are.

Beautiful movie, absolutely loved it.

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