If you’ve ever wondered how many phone calls a man can make in one single car journey, then Locke is the film for you.

In what is a pretty bold piece of film making, Locke is entirely set in the confines of a car as it drives along the motorway at night. Tom Hardy is Ivan Locke, who on the eve of the biggest day in his career, takes off in his car in order to face up to a past mistake which has come back to haunt him. The phone calls he makes and receives are pretty much non-stop, alternating between work colleagues and family, as things gradually begin to unravel and get a whole lot worse for him. Ivan Locke calmly deals with each problem thrown his way, only becoming more serious and angry when not on the phone and addressing his dead father.

It takes a while to get used to the accent that Tom Hardy uses in this film, for me anyway. But he manages to pull it off and make the film both tense and interesting. I wanted to see how it all panned out, and that’s all down to Tom Hardy.

Lee Boardman
Web developer by day, with a movie and TV watchlist that continues to grow as much as my spare time reduces! My favourite movie is Inception and, despite what everyone says, I do not have a man-crush on Tom Cruise.
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