Master of None: Season 2

Master of None: Season 2 Review

It’s taken me a long time to catch up on season 2 of Master of None but I’m so glad I finally did. Season 1 didn’t really grab me as much as I hoped it would and I probably only stuck with it out of my love of Aziz Ansari from his time on the brilliant Parks and Recreation. The supporting characters, with the exception of his parents, didn’t really work for me and conversations between them never seemed interesting or natural at all.

Season 2 opens with Dev, now living in Italy in order to escape the heartache he experienced in New York. He’s learning to make pasta and is enjoying life. The first episode is shot entirely in black and white and it steers the show into an interesting new direction, the absence of the supporting characters from season 1 greatly improves things. However, when Arnold does visit Dev in episode 2, it’s not as bad as before and it’s a nice compliment to the story.

After a couple of episodes in Italy, we’re back to New York, with a very mixed bag of entertaining episodes. From a story involving a number of different New Yorkers with intersecting lives, to a story involving Dev and Denise celebrating Thanksgiving together over the years, the season goes from strength to strength. The final 2 episodes, covering Devs love for Francesca, a friend from Italy who is also engaged, just had me gripped from beginning to end.

Board Rating 4

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