Preacher S02E01

Preacher S02E01

On The Road

I just read through my review of the episodes for season one of Preacher. Similar to American Gods this year, there were plenty of times when Preacher confused and annoyed me too. Starting off strong, then struggling for far too many episodes before finally building up to a glorious finale. Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip all headed out on the road in search of God, who we discovered at the end of season 1 had gone missing. They were leaving behind the town of Annville, now pretty much destroyed, and with The Saint of Killers on the hunt for Jesse, things were set up nicely for season 2.

Thankfully, season 2 gets off to a strong start. Some titles inform us that this is ‘The Search For God: Day One’ as we join our trio on their road trip. Cassidy is in the back of the car, ranting about circumcision and when ‘Come on Eileen’ comes on the radio they all discuss just how bad the song is, before proceeding to all sing along! As the episode progresses, it’s clear that the banter and situations involving Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip is going to be the strong backbone for this season. An enjoyable car chase involving a number of highway patrol officers follows but when Tulips car runs out of gas, it’s up to Jesse to provide a demonstration of what Genesis can do in order to get them out of trouble. But before they can make their getaway, shots are fired and a bloodbath follows as the patrol officers are gradually taken out. In among all the chaos there’s still plenty of humour, as Cassidy struggles to avoid sunlight and Jesse and Tulip work out how to get gas in the car and escape. The answer to that, is pretty gross…

Preacher S02E01

The cause of the carnage – The Saint of Killers, stalking Jesse like he’s the entity from ‘It Follows’. He’s slowly following Jesse and he’s not afraid of taking out anyone who gets in his way. They manage to evade him a couple of times throughout the episode, but it’s never long before he’s back again. This was one of the most interesting and mysterious characters of the last season and to finally see him unleashed and interacting with our world is just hugely enjoyable. Relentless and ruthless like a terminator!

Along the way we visit and old family friend of Jesse’s, a strip club and a motel. Each stop treating us to an interesting new character or two and providing plenty of further opportunity for great interaction and humour between Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip. A great opening to the season.

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