Boy Meets Boy Review

REVIEW: Boy Meets Boy

After sharing a kiss on the floor of a Berlin nightclub, Harry finds himself spending his final day in Berlin with Johannes, who kindly offers to help him print a boarding pass. As they count down the hours until Harry’s flight, it’s a romantic but realistic tale of chance encounters that hold real impact.

Set on the streets of Berlin during a gorgeous summer, director Daniel Sánchez López manages to capture not only the intense heat of the streets but also the heat radiating between leads Alexandros Koutsoulis and Matthew James Morrison. The film passes by casually, never intrusive or overbearing, instead fun and playful as the pair continue to drink and party around the streets, leading to fascinating conversations and discussion as they explore the city and each other’s personalities.

Co-written by López and Hannah Renton, there is a natural ease to the story, feeling both romantic and realistic at the same time. Clever editing highlights the bond between the pair in ways that dialogue can’t always reach, tactile touch playing a vital role in the film’s choreography and composition.

There are plenty of other films of a similar nature, with the Before Sunset films springing to mind instantly, but Harry and Johannes are written and performed so succinctly that everything feels new and fresh. The conversations between the pair are honest, the raw conversations you can sometimes only have with a stranger or someone with who you feel an instant connection.

Streaming as part of the BFI Flare festival, Boy Meets Boy is a pleasant afternoon stroll of a film that may well leave you longing for hot summers and passionate flings.

Boy Meets Boy (2021) Drama, Romance | 75min | 17 March 2021 (UK)
Director: Daniel Sanchez LopezWriter: Daniel Sanchez Lopez, Hannah RentonStars: Matthew James Morrison, Alexis KoutsoulisSummary: Harry has been partying for 48 hours when he meets Johannes on the dance floor of a club in Berlin. With 15 hours until his flight home, Johannes offers to help him print his boarding pass. This mundane task leads to a day together wandering the city. The contrasts in their lives and values force each one to confront their own truths. Boys Meet Boys is a feature length mumblecore about the journey of a brief encounter: the mark left by a fleeting moment of joy. Written by The Open Reel


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