Honeymood Review

REVIEW: Honeymood

Newlyweds have their wedding night interrupted when the bride finds that the groom’s ex-girlfriend has gifted him a ring. Deciding the only way to salvage the situation is to return the ring and confront her, the pair set out on a night full of adventure and chaos that neither had bargained for.

Honeymood is a fun and silly film that invites you along on this terrible adventure with a whole cast of stereotypes that you can’t help but love. It’s completely charming, down to the chemistry between the two leads, and despite very big cracks forming in their marriage from the start, you can see why they fell for each other. Avigail Harari plays the bride who is particularly wonderful with her outlandish demands and childlike tantrums (at one point she literally throws herself under a car), yet her charisma sends electricity through the screen.

Honeymood Review

Writer-director Talya Lavie conducts the film like a circus ringmaster – there are so many moving parts and weaving characters that the film could unravel as easily as the characters have, but she has a tight grip of the reins and stirs the ship with perfect ease. The whole plot is every newlyweds nightmare but Lavie has sprinkled it full of surreal and magical moments that only makes you want to keep the night going.

There are a handful of subplots that maybe don’t hit as well as others, and it did feel a tad long, but on the whole, it was a delicious and silly delight – and even contains the perfect amount of overbearing in-laws.

Honeymood (2020) 90min | Comedy, Drama | June 2020 (Israel) Summary: Following a fight in their honeymoon suite on the night of their wedding, a bride and groom embark on a surreal urban odyssey through the streets of Jerusalem.
Countries: IsraelLanguages: Hebrew

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