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I’ve been writing reviews for movies and TV shows for just over 3 years now. When I first started out, I was using a mobile social network built specifically for posting reviews. Not only could I add reviews for movies and shows I’d seen, but I could also follow and interact with other reviewers who were posting similar content, just like Twitter or Facebook. It was a great app, and with a very good network of users, but after a while I began to realise that I’d written a hell of a lot of content on that site which might one day be lost should the app ever be discontinued. So, I decided to setup my own WordPress site in order to host my reviews – initially called The Boardman Reviews before becoming the CineChat site you’re on now.

Sure enough, the app I was using ceased to be. I was disappointed, but happy that I’d been able to get a backup of my work, so I continued to add reviews to my personal website. And then one day I discovered Smashbomb. The ethos behind Smashbomb is ‘review the world’, and when I first signed up back in 2017, not only could I review the usual movies and TV shows I’d been used to, but I also had the option to review books and music too. Since then, the list of review categories has grown to include podcasts, apps, tabletop games, video games and more. And that list continues to expand – soon, you will indeed be able to review the world!

The community/social spirit that I loved from the previous review site/app I used is thankfully present and thriving in Smashbomb too. The main thing that I enjoy about Smashbomb is that it continues to develop and grow a very loyal user base who all share the same passions that I do, all reviewing and discussing things with others who share similar interests. Everyone is polite and respectful to others and there is certainly no sign of abuse or discrimination from anyone that I’ve ever seen.

Smashbomb rewards its users with various badges, received for hitting certain targets in different review categories. Those targets are based on kudos points, awarded by other users who ‘like’ the content or comments that you post. The site also posts regular giveaways – movies, music, tech etc that can be won simply by ticking a box to enter. Certainly plenty to keep you coming back to the site on a regular basis!

Other features for managing and organising content include lists and orbs. Lists provide you with the ability to create… well, lists! A list of books you still need to read, a list of movies you still need to watch. Your favourite Tom Cruise movies (that one was mine…), your top 100 of the year etc. Orbs are like groups, smaller communities discussing niche topics which you can either join or follow.

Where the Smashbomb community is at its largest and most active is in reviewing and discussing books. Unfortunately I’m not really a book reader, so am probably missing out on the most active side of the site. But even as an avid movie and TV reviewer, I have nothing but praise for the site and the enjoyment it’s given me these past few years as I continue to write reviews. Along with the usual list of social apps, Smashbomb is another app receiving regular, daily visits from me. And as the site continues to develop and grow, things can only get better!

To sign up and join in, click here. To follow Lee Boardman on Smashbomb, click here.

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