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StreamChat: October 2022

Welcome to the latest chapter of StreamChat, where we chat about what we’ve been streaming at home this month. If you have anything you’d recommend we watch, based on any of the shows or movies in this post, then feel free to get in touch and let us know via our socials.

Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga (Netflix)

Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga

Erika: Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga is Netflix’s three-episode miniseries with a different take on the infamous GameStop stock saga. In early 2021, Reddit retail investors, using the Robin Hood app, bought a ton of stock and almost collapsed Wall Street because hedge funds had bet against GameStop.

I watched HBO’s Gaming Wall St around six months ago, and it was a better documentary series. Netflix’s series was reminiscent of a mockumentary and reminded me more of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping than an actual docuseries. Eat the Rich heavily featured social media and more Reddit retail investors. This would typically be fine; however, there wasn’t much variety. Though, I must exclude Alvan Chow, who did legitimate due diligence research on GameStop before buying. Look no further if you’re looking for a mockumentary-style documentary completed with the New Jersey version of Lil Dicky, named Mikey Guggenheim. For a more informative docuseries, opt for Gaming Wall St on HBO. ★★☆☆☆

Ghosts, Season 4 (BBC)

Ghosts Season 4

Lee: So, four seasons in and Ghosts it’s still as entertaining as ever, with no sign of slowing down. After three seasons of repairs, renovations and setbacks with Button House, Alison and Mike finally have paying guests in the converted gatehouse and their current struggle is in having to bend over backwards in order to try and earn a five-star review, much to the amusement of Lady Button (“You’ve got a couple of perfect strangers in the servants’ quarters while you, the lady of the house, are running around after them like the maid!”). Meanwhile, this season also gives us a flashback episode for Mary and Robin, with Robin managing to provide a hefty portion of the humour this season. There’s even sadness and grief when the question of what happens to a ghost after they “move on” arises. Throw in a terrible misunderstanding surrounding a children’s birthday party being held at Button House, a band-aid style apology song performed by the ghosts for Alison and the usual bickering between them all and season four just left me wanting more. ★★★★★

Semantic Error

Semantic Error

Erika: When software engineering student, Chu Sang Woo (Park Jae Chan), removes his freeloading classmates from a final presentation, causing them to fail the class, visual arts student Jang Jae Young (Park Seo Ham) vows revenge. Sang Woo’s perfectly regimented life is disrupted when Jae Young terrorizes him relentlessly. As they spend more time together, they catch feelings for each other.

This short, eight-episode Korean series looked cute, so I took a chance. I usually avoid anything to do with romance, but I was looking for something I wouldn’t have to think about to alleviate my Sunday Scaries. I loved this series; it was a sweet enemies-to-lovers/opposites-attract storyline. It was slightly quirky, and equating Sang Woo’s brain to a computer, complete with error messages, was very amusing. While it was completely predictable, I enjoyed it. ★★★★★

The Midnight Club (Netflix)

The Midnight Club Netflix

Lee: I’ve been such a massive fan of the ‘Flanaverse’ so far, but sadly this latest show just didn’t hit the mark. The setting is Brightcliffe Hospice, a place where terminally ill teens live out their final days and meet up each night to tell each other scary stories in front of a roaring fire. But the trouble is, most of the stories they tell are just not as interesting as the events occurring within Brightcliffe itself. I loved the concept of the show, the setting and all of the characters. I was moved by their daily lives and friendships and felt that was where the show was at its strongest.

I did hope that all of it was slowly building towards something amazing like all of the other Flanagan shows that I’ve loved. But it didn’t. Instead, everything just started falling apart – questions remained unanswered and plot threads went nowhere and were just left hanging. A big disappointment overall. ★★☆☆☆

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