The Predator

The Predator

So, another week, another disappointment at the cinema. This week, it’s the turn of The Predator.

For the first 40 minutes or so though, I actually really enjoyed this latest installment of a franchise that has always struggled to match the original. Some interesting ideas and characters are introduced and there’s a healthy dose of intense action as a captured Predator escapes a facility it’s being held captive in. Overall, plenty of potential.

But then, probably soon after the arrival of the huge CGI Super Predator, the movie slowly descends into nonsense. What doesn’t help is that the editing is noticeably bad from then on too. Scene cuts that don’t make sense and numerous occasions when you just can’t tell who is doing what, where people are and who is getting killed. It’s a frustrating, jumbled mess.

And in among all of that, there’s a predator dog that goes from trying to kill everyone to following them around and wanting to play fetch like a real dog!! Ridiculous.

Lee Boardman
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