The Red Turtle

The Red Turtle

I’d not heard a great deal about this Studio Ghibli movie, other than some fairly positive buzz online, so when it hit Amazon Prime at Christmas last year, I quickly added it to my watch list. It’s taken all this time, until a cold and wintry Sunday afternoon in March, for me to finally sit down and watch it.

A man is washed up on a deserted island and after exploring his surroundings, sets about trying to escape. He builds a number of rafts from the trees but each time his escape is thwarted by an unknown force breaking his raft apart from beneath. On the third time this happens, the man discovers the cause of the destruction to be a large red turtle and when he later sees the turtle shuffling up the beach, he seeks revenge, overturning it and leaving it to suffer in the heat of the sun as it fails to correct itself.

Eventually the man feels remorse, but it appears to be too late…

Not a single word is spoken throughout the whole movie (other than the occasional ‘Hey!’). It’s a simple, beautiful tale that drew me in and left me feeling totally mesmerised and emotional with it’s profound ideas and messages. Simply wonderful.

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