The Shallows

The Shallows

PRE MOVIE THOUGHTS: Loved the trailer for this – simple setup and story, looked intense, Blake Lively looked hot and bad-ass. It was never going to be as good as Jaws, but there’s still always room for another great shark story so bring it on!

POST MOVIE REVIEW: Whoah, I really enjoyed this! A real roller-coaster ride. Blake Lively IS hot and bad-ass! When her character becomes stranded off shore a couple of hundred yards from a quiet beach following a shark attack, you begin to wonder how much further the movie can go. She’s on a rock, with a nasty bite to the leg and with an injured seagull for company – what now? Well, a lot more! The intensity and urgency ramps up and the shark is convincing and terrifying. I love how it seems genuinely pissed when Blake Lively manages to get one up on him! Good fun movie and a nice 86 minute run time too.

Board Rating 4

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