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TrailerChat – 1 September 2020

Welcome to our latest roundup of some of the recently released trailers, with thoughts and feedback from the CineChat team. As always, please let us know your thoughts regarding any of these upcoming movies/shows in the comments or on any of our social media platforms.

Death of Me

From IMDb: Vacationing on an island off the coast of Thailand, couple Neil and Christine awake hungover and with no memory of the previous night. They find footage on Neil’s camera, and watch, horrified, as Neil appears to murder Christine. With twenty-four hours until the next ferry and a typhoon threatening the island, Christine and Neil attempt to reconstruct the night’s events — and are snared in a web of mystery, black magic, and murder. Released October 2020

Lee: This is exactly the kind of crazy weird movie that I love, that will probably turn out to be complete bollocks…

Clare: WTF?! Ohhh I so want this to be good, but like you’ve said Lee it could likely turn out to be complete bollocks. I hope the trailer hasn’t given too much away as this is the most exciting trailer I’ve seen in a while!
– Lee: I did worry the longer it went on that they’d started giving too much stuff away. Just the initial viewing of the video would have been enough.
– Clare: ooo yeah that would have been perfect.

Matt: LOL. This looks absolutely ridiculous. Like really bad. I know we always say we want to see something new and original, but there’s some original ideas that I just think should never be made! I don’t envisage this will even achieve “so bad it’s good” status. But maybe I’ll watch it anyway just to check.

Mary: Oh I don’t know about this. I mean the concept is brilliant and terrifying but I just get the feeling this might be the kind of horror film I can’t handle 😂

On The Rocks

From IMDb: A young mother who reconnects with her larger-than-life playboy father on an adventure through New York. Released October 2020

Matt: I think Bill Murray looks good, but this trailer just generally left me feeling unmoved. The story just seems a bit absent, and there isn’t much of anything else that interests me here. I’d be interested to see if I’m the only one who thinks this.

Mary: I will go on record and say that 90% of the time Bill Murray does not work for me. But I have to admit as he’s getting older I think his brand of comedy and persona are really fitting him like a glove. The only film I’ve really loved is Groundhog Day but I have a feeling I will really like this. The dialogue sounds great and it feels really fresh I’ll definitely see this.

Clare: Oooo I am SO excited for this. I’m a Sofia Coppola fan and I love Rashida Jones and Bill Murray rarely disappoints. It feels like a return to Lost in Translation which would NEVER be a bad thing in my mind. Good dialogue, great chemistry, whats not to like? This is very high up on my anticipation list now.

Lee: I’m with Clare on the good dialogue and chemistry and both Bill Murray and Rashida Jones are great, so based on that alone I’ll probably give this a watch.

Enola Holmes

From IMDb: When Enola Holmes-Sherlock’s teen sister-discovers her mother missing, she sets off to find her, becoming a super-sleuth in her own right as she outwits her famous brother and unravels a dangerous conspiracy around a mysterious young Lord. Coming to Netflix later this month

Mary: This looks absolutely awesome. I love that whole period that Holmes is set in, I love the mystery genre. This has a perfect cast, love them all, the only thing I wasn’t keen on was the soundtrack they used for the trailer it made it feel like something else.

Matt: I can’t deny, there are parts of this trailer that I absolutely detest. And I’m not 100% sold on the concept, I didn’t get strong Sherlock Holmes vibes if that’s what they were going for… more like Tracy Beaker if you ask me. HOWEVER, there are moments in the trailer I really enjoyed and liked the look of, so I think this this could be very hit and miss. I’m maybe not the intended audience!
– Mary: Matt I can tell you now you’re not the intended audience 😂😂

Clare: I’m not a Sherlock fan by any means, but this looks really fun and well made. I adored the song choice, but it’s always been a personal fave, and I welcome a strong female protagonist on any day. It’ll likely be a skip from me, but I do hope it is as good as the trailer makes it seem – with that cast, you’d hope so!

Lee: I’m not usually a fan of Sherlock Holmes but I think the younger sister aspect is an interesting idea. Millie Bobby Brown is a good choice and this just looks like a lot of fun, with a great cast and a bit of adventure. I’m also not sure if I’m the intended audience, but I’ll certainly give it a go.


From IMDb: 1840s England, acclaimed but overlooked fossil hunter Mary Anning and a young woman sent to convalesce by the sea develop an intense relationship, altering both of their lives forever. Released November 2020

Matt: I think the performances are going to outshine the story here, I can’t say the plot looks particularly interesting to me and it does seem like something we’ve seen before, but Winslet and Ronan are two absolute powerhouses so I have no doubt they will be brilliant. Shout-out to Fiona Shaw actually too, who is KILLING IT in almost everything right now. This gave me throwbacks to God’s Own Country (for obvious reasons), Moonlight, Disobedience, even Lizzie and Call Me By Your Name… and although I haven’t got round to it yet, this looks strikingly similar to Portrait of a Lady on Fire?

Mary: I’m so excited for this, it has two of Britain’s greatest actresses as leads; two generations of epic talent. I have no doubts whatsoever they will deliver, I agree with Matt it does look similar to Portrait of a Lady on Fire, that was extremely popular so that’s no bad thing. It may not have a great deal of plot but this looks like a great character piece.
– Matt: I’m afraid Saoirse Ronan is Irish-American 😂
– Mary: ok United KingdomStill counts 😛
– Clare: Never say that to anyone from Dublin 😂

Clare: Even two years ago this would not have made it past a one trailer viewing, but following my surprising adoration for Little Women and Portrait of a Lady on Fire this has suddenly become a high interest watch. Winslet and Ronan never disappoint and it seems like Ammonite will be no different in this respect. It’s going to be one of the gala performances at this years LFF I believe, so fingers crossed I’ll get to see it!

Lee: Every week I tell myself I’m going to comment on the trailers first because I just end up feeling like I’m copying what everyone else is saying. And then I roll in last again! Anyway… I’m the same as Clare in that I probably wouldn’t have given this a second glance a few years ago. It’s definitely Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan that are the main pull for this movie now as far as I’m concerned, as I’m not sure how interesting the palaeontology aspect of it is likely to be. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get the chance to catch this at LFF too next month.

Come Play

From IMDb: A monster named Larry that manifests itself through smart phones and mobile devices. Feature film version of the 2017 short film. Released October 2020

Matt: I mean, Snapchat filters are terrifying, so I can totally relate! This looks a bit like Slenderman meets Paranormal Activity and The Babadook, so not massively original (I think we can all probably imagine how it ends already, as with most films of this genre) but it seems quite relevant to be fair. This looks OK as one of the horror films that inevitably get churned out around this time of year.

Mary: This actually looks pretty good, the use of technology looks interesting and the child using audio technology to speak will be something new. Obviously it will no doubt follow the usual horror tropes but I think I’ll give this one a go.

Clare: This looks like a really interesting concept but unfortunately the trailer reveals far too much and i get the impression it wouldn’t sustain it’s fun time. As the old adage goes – never reveal your monster! I do hope it is good though, I love Gillian Jacobs.

Lee: We really do need a decent scary movie to look forward to around Halloween and while I really do like the look of this, it does feel like it’s showing too much. I hate watching a film and knowing when a decent scare is coming because I’ve already seen it in the trailer. I feel like we bang on about this in every TrailerChat but make the trailers shorter, tighter – there’s so much you can do in a short space of time and still get people interested.

The Queen’s Gambit

From IMDb: Eight year-old orphan Beth Harmon is quiet, sullen, and by all appearances unremarkable. That is, until she plays her first game of chess. Coming later this year to Netflix

Matt: Good teaser! No idea what it’s about but the quirkiness of the style is really intriguing. I’m interested to see more.

Mary: No idea what this is supposed to be about. They have obviously banked on the popularity of Anya Taylor-Joy to entice people for this. It looked very quirky not sure this one will be to my taste but we’ll see.

Clare: I do love Anya Taylor-Joy and I do love a good wig. I love even more that someone at Netflix has finally taken the note that their trailers are excessively long. This is a perfect teaser.

Lee: Nice little teaser. Anya Taylor-Joy is great in pretty much everything and although I’ve got no idea what this is about, it looks like an interesting series.

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