TrailerChat – 6 August 2020

Welcome to our latest roundup of some of the recently released trailers, with thoughts and feedback from the CineChat team. As always, please let us know your thoughts regarding any of these upcoming movies/shows in the comments or on any of our social media platforms.

Bill & Ted Face The Music

From IMDb: Once told they’d save the universe during a time-traveling adventure, 2 would-be rockers from San Dimas, California find themselves as middle-aged dads still trying to crank out a hit song and fulfill their destiny. Released in select cinemas and on demand in September

Matt: I just think this looks dreadful, really not my kind of thing in the slightest. Dumb humour and stupid characters annoy the hell out of me!

Clare: I liked this, it seems silly but cute. I feel the ‘dumb stoner’ jokes could get old very quickly, but I’d give it a go. Will try and watch the original first though.

Mary: Ah no!! Why!!! Bill and Ted worked at the time, this just feels dumb and completely ridiculous (not that the originals weren’t but it worked then). They should have left this alone, two grown men who haven’t progressed one iota in 30 years. Nope definitely not for me.

Lee: So… it seems it’s down to me to bring the love for Bill & Ted here, as I am positively giddy with excitement over this trailer! It does seem to follow similar beats to the previous movies, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I love the fact that their daughters seem to be a big part of the movie too. And on top of that, death is back!! Right now, I’m struggling a little with Keanu Reeves in this, following many years of seeing him as John Wick, so it’s going to be strange seeing him back in this role. But, after successfully introducing my youngest daughter to the delights of the first two movies recently, I could not be more excited! I’m just so disappointed in my CineChat teammates right now… 😁

Truth Seekers

From IMDb: A team of part-time paranormal investigators use homemade gizmos to track the supernatural, sharing their adventures online. As their haunted stake outs become more terrifying they begin to uncover an unimaginable, apocalyptic conspiracy.. Coming soon to Amazon Prime

Clare: This looks cheap and a bit naf. If it wasn’t for Pegg and Frost I wouldn’t give it a second look. I’ll keep an eye on it, but I can’t see myself tuning in.

Matt: I have to agree, I was hoping for more from this… It’s almost already completely left my memory which is a shame because I imagine there will genuinely be some redeeming qualities in this. I’m not likely to watch it!

Mary: Was there a competition this week of who could have to kookiest trailer? I do like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and I am fascinated by anything paranormal so I will give this a go.

Lee: I’m quite excited by the prospect of Frost and Pegg returning to TV, and this seems like the perfect vehicle for them and the type of humour we associate with them. Following this trailer though, I’m kind of on the fence. It’s a fairly short trailer, and they’ve tried to throw a lot into it without giving much context or anything to really grab you. I’ll watch it though, and hopefully it will actually be funny and better than it currently looks.


From IMDb: A group of young adults, who meet online, get a hold of a cult underground graphic novel, which not only pins them as a target of a shadowy deep state organization, but also burdens them with the dangerous task of saving the world. Coming soon to Amazon Prime

Clare: I don’t think I even made it through the first episode of the UK version back a few years ago, but I spied Jessica Rothe of Happy death Day fame, and now I’m tempted. Other than that, it wouldn’t be for me at all, it feels quite unoriginal (which, lol, it’s a remake).

Matt: Visually, parts of this look interesting, but the whole thing looks a bit … nondescript? (It’s TV again so probably a no from me either way!) I feel like three or four episodes of Black Mirror already did this, but better?

Mary: Nope don’t like the look or the actors and I can only take so much weird and this has too much for me to stomach.

Lee: I made it slightly further into the UK version of this than Clare did, but never made it to the end of the series so couldn’t really tell you anything about it at all. Based on that, I’m cautious about watching a new version, but not completely against it. I actually quite like the look of this and the beauty of it being on Amazon Prime means it’s no hassle in giving it a try.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

From IMDb: Six teens attending an adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar must band together to survive when dinosaurs wreak havoc on the island. Coming to Netflix in September

Clare: This actually looks really cute and fun. I know plenty of dino loving adults that will defo be tuning in. Hell, I still love a cartoon on a Sunday morning, maybe I’ll try it. On a side note, I will never forgive the person who told me you can sing along to the theme tune by just saying ‘It’s a dino-saur’ over and over to the music. So now you can all have the beautiful music ruined too. Though it is quite fun…

Matt: I just … I mean … I don’t … No, I don’t think so. Looks like it was made for CITV.

Mary: Ok wow! I would have rather seen it in live action don’t get me wrong but I’ve always found the Jurassic movie concepts to be amazing. I’ll be checking this one out for sure.

Lee: I do find it very odd that the characters all look like they came straight from a cheap CITV show, as Matt mentioned, while the dinosaurs look so much better. That being said, the fact that this is Jurassic Park means I’ll give it a go, and that iconic music, not to mention the roar, just wins me over.


From IMDb: A woman’s life is turned upside down when her criminal parents invite an outsider to join them on a major heist they’re planning. Released September 2020

Clare: It seems very odd, but I adore Evan Rachel Wood, she features in many of my all time favourite films and this looks like she’s gone back to her indie roots and then some.
Not sure about Gina Rodriguez’ role, but I liked her in Jane the Virgin so I’m willing to go in.
Despite everything going on, I love that this is becoming the year of the indie. I just wish the Academy Awards would man up and accept it!

Matt: It doesn’t look bad, I like the concept, but this trailer doesn’t necessarily make me want to watch the film… I laughed once, but the rest just felt a bit flat, maybe that’s the point though?

Mary: Ok is it the season for odd films at the moment? There seem to be rather a lot. This film looks very bizarre but completely unique and it is that which makes it intriguing. It looks to have good performances and is eye catching. I might look out for this one.

Lee: Seriously, who is choosing these trailers?!! Oh yeah, it was mostly me this time round… 😬 So, I don’t dislike this one, but I just know that I won’t be able to stomach the whole movie if it is all as lifeless as this trailer. Not sure I’ll be checking this one out.


From IMDb: Live-action adaptation of the classic story of a wooden puppet named Pinocchio who comes to life. Released later this month

Matt: The story of Pinocchio is so well-known already for being weird that this film might just get away with it, however aside from the visuals which look pretty good would there be any need to watch this version? Bearing in mind there’s a Guillermo del Toro animated Netflix version on the way, plus a Disney live-action remake in the pipeline too (and all of the other versions that already exist!). Then again, I like this has the authentic Italian feel, it is their story after all!

Mary: This looks exceedingly odd, but there is something about it. I’ll find time for this one I think, even if just to see what they do with it. I have very fond memories of watching this when I was young so I’ll look forward to this.

Clare: The visuals of this look stunning and really high quality, you can see a lot of care and detail has gone in to it. Unfortunately for me, it looks just that bit too creepy and leaves me feeling a little queasy. I’ve never enjoyed the Pinocchio story for the same reason, so it’ll be a skip for me.

Lee: I love how dark this looks and I just can’t imagine a Disney live action remake going down this route, so I’m glad this is being released before theirs. I’d not heard of this version before seeing the trailer, but looking on iMDB it seems to have been already been received quite well. It does look beautiful though and I’m definitely interested in checking this one out.

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