TrailerChat – 14 October 2019

Welcome to our latest roundup of recently released trailers, with thoughts and feedback from the CineChat team. As always, please let us know your thoughts in the comments!


From IMDb: A simple act of kindness always sparks another, even in a frozen, faraway place. When Smeerensburg’s new postman, Jesper, befriends toymaker Klaus, their gifts melt an age-old feud and deliver a sleigh full of holiday traditions. Showing on Netflix 8 November 2019

Lee Boardman

“Last year, Netflix treated us to The Christmas Chronicles, featuring Kurt Russell as Santa. From that same studio we not get Klaus, an animated retelling of the origins of Santa. I love the style, love the humour. It’s a Christmas movie, what’s not to love?!!”

Deb Parmenter

“Animation looks good but it’s a story we seen a thousand times before, looks like a cross between the Grinch and Santa Claus the movie. From the trailer looks like a few good jokes and enough cute lovable characters to see it through and unless your name is Ebeneezer Scrooge you’re gonna love it. Perfect Netflix viewing for the dark days before Christmas”

Mark Parmenter

“Yeah I didn’t really know a lot about this film but like the look of the animation & it interests me to see what this will be like. Could be the perfect movie to get us in the Christmas mood.”

The Turning

From IMDb: A young governess is hired by a man who has become responsible for his young nephew and niece after the deaths of their parents. A modern take on Henry James’ novella “The Turn of the Screw”. Showing in cinemas January 2020

Lee Boardman

“I hadn’t seen or heard anything about this one before. Half way through the trailer and I’m thinking it looks pretty stylish, with a sense of dread, but nothing we haven’t already seen before in a 100 other movies. And then a few nice little scares (I don’t like spiders!) make me think I’ll probably end up giving this one a go.”

Deb Parmenter

“It took about two seconds to know this isn’t for me. Not just because I don’t like scary children, living in big houses, with sinister pasts it just looks boring. “

Mark Parmenter

“Jeez I’m not so sure about this one! It looks pretty darn scary & no I don’t like spiders or scary kids that much but I give it credit if it is actually scary as a lot of so called horror movies these days aren’t that scary! ….it’s a maybe from me. “


From IMDb: Set in a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers embark on a quest to discover if there is still magic out there. Showing in cinemas 6 March 2020

Lee Boardman

“If I’m being really honest, when the teaser trailer for this came out a few months back, I thought it just looked a bit ‘meh’. Now that we’ve got a full length trailer… I’m feeling exactly the same!! If this was made by anyone other than Pixar then I think I’d be giving this one a miss. But it is Pixar, and their track record for buddy quest movies, or movies in general for that matter, is pretty good. And with Chris Pratt and Tom Holland leading the voice cast, I guess it’s definitely worth giving a chance.”

Deb Parmenter

“Do we really need another buddy quest movie I’m not so sure. Although I’m a sucker for Pixar so will be sure to go see the film anyway. The last joke shown with the petrol can did have me chuckling out loud and as long as there a few more similar laughs I’ll be happy. “

Mark Parmenter

” Yep I guess I’m the same if this was made by anyone else but Pixar I probably wouldn’t worry about seeing it but it is & they have a habit of more hits than misses so I reckon this will be good plus I think it could have a few weepy moments. “

Jungle Cruise

From IMDb: Based on Disneyland’s theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles, but with a supernatural element. Coming to cinemas July 2020

Lee Boardman

“It’s got The Rock, it’s got the ever reliable Emily Blunt, but what the hell is this all about exactly?! At first glance, it looks like a stylish, fun family adventure, but with no real substance or plot other than Emily Blunt hiring The Rock and his boat!”

Deb Parmenter

“Agreed it isn’t very clear what the story is about (I think they’re looking for something) and if you haven’t been on the actual boat ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom the jokes are gonna fall slightly flat and feel a little cheesy, however Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt will be worth a trip to the cinema alone and I have high hopes this film loosely based on a ride will be more Pirates of the Caribbean than the awful Haunted Mansion. ”

Mark Parmenter

“Well I certainly love the two main leads in their own right & I really hope it works as it looks like a good fun family film. To a certain extent I think it might help if you know the ride but we’ll see I guess.”


From IMDb: A physician discovers that he can talk to animals. Coming to cinemas February 2020

Lee Boardman

“We’ve had more than our fair share of Doctor Dolittle movies over the years, but none have featured Robert Downey Jr as the famous doctor!! And none of them have starred Tom Holland as the voice of his dog! It’s like an Avengers reunion!! Anyway, this looks colourful, vibrant and fun, but similar to Jungle Cruise, you don’t really get a clear sense of what’s going on in this movie. I’m hoping I’m wrong though and that we do end up with these both being very good family movies.”

Deb Parmenter

“Life after Iron Man must be difficult for Robert Downey Jr and I admit his choice to play Dr Dolittle is a little surprising and although his accent may be a little questionable it looks great and he seems right at home, the talking animals look amazing. I loved the original version (the one with Rex Harrison I mean not the awful Eddie Murphy one) and it doesn’t give too much away if it’s a remake or a re-imaging I just hope this turns out to be just as good or even better. Fingers crossed for a RDJ rendition of talk to the animals (although from the trailer it seems unlikely).”

Mark Parmenter

“So I must admit I’ve not actually properly seen the original film with Rex Harrison even though I know it’s a stone cold classic it’s just somehow passed me by but I’m ashamed to say I’ve seen the later Eddie Murphy offerings! 

I’m maybe a bit bias as I’m pretty much the biggest Robert Downey Jr fan going ( the fact that he made Tony Stark(Iron Man) his own helped) but I’ve always loved his body of work so I’ll watch this regardless but just hope the accent isn’t quite as strange as it seems in the trailer! 

It certainly looks like it’s played more straight than the previous films of Mr Murphy which I like so yes I very much look forward to watching this.“

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