TrailerChat – 29 June 2020

Welcome to our latest roundup of some of the recently released trailers, with thoughts and feedback from the CineChat team. As always, please let us know your thoughts regarding any of these upcoming movies/shows in the comments or on any of our social media platforms.


From IMDb: A teenage sorceress named Nimue encounters a young Arthur on his quest to find a powerful and ancient sword. Coming to Netflix next month

Clare: Now THAT is how you make an effective trailer. Well done someone at Netflix! Engaging, stylistic and no spoilers. Excellent work. Unfortunately, I won’t be turning in, I can’t stand the King Arthur story or anything of that elk, but I hope the show turns out to be as impressive as the trailer was.

Lee: I agree, this is how you do a trailer! Short, intriguing, nothing given away, bit of action, bit of slo-mo and a twist as it’s revealed that a badass warrior queen will be wielding the sword this time. King Arthur stories are a bit hit and miss (The Boy who would be King – hit, Legend of the Sword, from Guy Ritchie – miss) but I’m feeling very positive about this one. Very impressed with this trailer.

Matt: Trailer brought to you by Guy Ritchie. I also won’t be tuning in, I’m afraid. I’m not a big TV fan at the best of times, and although the trailer is impressive, I reckon it’ll just be your standard, short-lived and forgettable show, probably a little bit cheap too (because half of the budget probably went on the promotional material!)

Clare: Hmm, it doesn’t give much away, it looks very young adult in tone to me though.
It is Netflix so I’m sure the production value is incredible and the quality very high.
I would have liked a little more though. But in terms of a teaser and keeping its cards close to its chest it has certainly succeeded.

Warrior Nun

From IMDb: A young woman wakes up with a divine artefact in her back, and gets caught in a war between the forces of Heaven and Hell. Coming to Netflix July 2020

Matt: My brain can’t work out what it is I’ve just watched…

Clare: I can’t decide if this is going to be utterly amazing, or the cringiest thing Netflix has made. I’ll definitely tune in for episode 1 but the switch between her nun life and fun life doesn’t seem to gel from the trailer…

Lee: Along with Cursed, it certainly is a great week for badass, female-centric shows! Once again though, I find myself agreeing with Clare on this one – this really does look like it’s riding a very fine line between completely awesome and completely shite. Despite some cool ideas and scenes, there’s something about it that just doesn’t feel right. The “edgy” cuts between scenes, with text such as “F***s given? Nun” popping up on screen, is a big turnoff for me and I wasn’t really interested in or intrigued by any of the characters either. Currently reserving judgement…

Mary: No definitely not my style this one, the tone doesn’t work for me. There was too much going on there and too many introductions of characters and information and I just lost interest to be honest. Not for me this one.

The King’s Man

From IMDb: As a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them. Released September 2020

Clare: Fun trailer thanks to the great song choice, but it also feels like they just picked out any cool set piece in the film and shoved it in… what else cool is left if I go to see it? Not that I need to worry, I’ve only seen the second Kingsman film and I found it so terrible and vile I still find myself angry, wanting that wasted time back. Very little could get me to go see this one.

Lee: I really enjoyed the first Kingsman movie and avoided the second when I saw some less than complimentary reviews for it on release. However, when I did get round to seeing it at home, I actually liked that one too, so I’m hopeful that I’ll enjoy this one. The period setting and the idea of the origin story, along with the great cast they’ve assembled, is certainly appealing but it does seem as though they’ve thrown far too many set pieces and action teasers into the trailer, which really does seem to be a problem these days for trailers. However, I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Matt: Kingsman is such an unlikely franchise! Although the films clearly don’t take themselves too seriously (essentially they are just spoof spy films), the insane action set pieces and big-name stars mean they have really been able to hold their own. I agree that ‘The Golden Circle’ had a bit of a wobble, but I still feel invested enough to want to find out the origin story! Ralph Fiennes was an excellent choice.

Mary: Ok I am totally in love with this. What an amazing cast!!!! The stunts look incredible, the humour just right. I really enjoyed the first Kingsman, it was so original, I still haven’t seen the sequel but it didn’t look as good. But this looks like a complete return to form. I love the actors in this movie and can’t wait to see them in this.

Over the Moon

From IMDb: Story about a girl who builds a rocket to travel to the moon in hopes of meeting the legendary Moon Goddess. Coming to Netflix later this year

Clare: Jesus, I know complaining about the length of Netflix trailers has become my new hobby, but this one really takes the cake. I feel like I just watched 3 separate trailers in one. The first minute gave me chills, so beautiful and poignant. If it had stopped at 1.20 I would have been all over this. But then there’s a whole other section where we see her mission – leave me some mystery guys (though the bunny grew on me). But wait, after the title reveal there’s then a teaser trailer for what feels like an entirely different alien invasion film?!? So much going on.
Parts Wall-E, parts Up and parts Home – I have no idea what I’ll be watching, but maybe I’ll give it a go?

Lee: The first part of this trailer is just wonderful, but then there’s all this other stuff crammed in that just feels like it’s taken so much mystery away from the full movie. See our earlier discussion regarding the Cursed trailer – if this one had been cut way shorter, I’d be feeling so much different about this. And, they really should have just left that last bit out altogether, because now I can’t remember the last time a trailer made me go from being very excited to just mildly interested! I’ll give it a watch, and I’m hoping this is as beautiful as it looked from the first minute or so of the trailer.

Mary: This looks so fantastic. It’s gorgeous, the animation looks superb. A fairly routine plot to start but from the perspective of a different culture and then widening into something completely fantastical. I am totally in for this one!!!!

Matt: I’m not sure what to think… The animation and humour look great, but I’m sort of done with animated films where the message is predictably “Anything is possible if you just BELIEVE!” … (It’s not.) And like Clare said, if the trailer had stopped at the 1:20 mark, I would be interested, but this film is going to do what most popular animated films do today, and that’s throw away the potential of a grounded, real-world exploration of the themes in favour of randomly deciding to send the character to a “magical land” (just like Inside Out, Coco, Up, Frozen II and Moana (to an extent) did, and Soul looks like it’s going to copy later this year) – it just always seems like a cop-out to me. I just want to see an animated film have the balls to explore human themes, with humans, on a human planet, in a human way, with no magic or magical worlds… is that too much to ask? Obviously.

Waiting for the Barbarians

From IMDb: A Magistrate working in a distant outpost begins to question his loyalty to the empire. Released August 2020

Matt: I think this has all of the components to be a terrific film, and it doesn’t look like any other film that I know already. Though it is an unusual trailer, and it’s hard to understand much about the plot. However, Mark Rylance is obviously sensational, and Robert Pattinson continues to prove himself a fantastic actor post-Twilight. And Johnny Depp… I think I’ll have to wait and see, I can’t tell if he’s a bit too pantomime for this setting, but he does look pretty scary (again, I’m not sure if he’s meant to be or not)!

Mary: I like the ironic title. It is not the people they hurt that are the barbarians but themselves.
And Johnny Depp back in a movie, he seems to have been gone a good while. Mark Rylance is usually very good, but I’ll be honest I couldn’t connect much to this one, I’m not entirely sure of the premise. So I don’t know if I’ll see this one.

Clare: I saw this at a festival last year and it was so utterly dull I nodded off twice. It felt so dated I couldn’t believe it was a modern film, and I assumed it got buried on VOD swiftly in January.
This trailer is 100x more exciting than the actual film is. Don’t believe me? You can check out my more detailed review here

Lee: Mark Rylance is great in pretty much everything and Robert Pattinson is very much on the up right now. This looks like it’s about something very important, only I’ve got absolutely no idea what. And Johnny Depp looks ridiculous, like Jim Carrey in Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m really not sure about this one.


From IMDb: A family struggles for survival in the face of a cataclysmic natural disaster. Released this August

Matt: I absolutely love disaster films. There’s just something about them – even if they are bad (hell, even some of the greatest disaster movies of the 1970s were pretty bad!) – that carries a massive appeal for me. Watching things getting destroyed on a gigantic scale, in a hypothetical world where nobody is in control and anything can happen. Even better if the science behind it all is plausible. These films can tread a fine line of reality, somewhere between ‘What If?’ and ‘When?’, and I think that’s a curiosity that everyone has… I’m not sure what this says about me as a person though!

Lee: I love a good disaster movie too and it does seem like it’s been a while since we had a good one. This one feels a bit like Deep Impact or Armageddon and, as Matt said, disaster movies are even better when it’s depicting a very plausible extinction level event. And to be honest, with 2020 going the way it is right now, anything is definitely plausible! Gerard Butler doesn’t really have the greatest reputation when it comes to carrying a movie but I do really like the look of this one.

Mary: Oh my god! That is like my worst nightmare 🤦‍♀️ For a Gerard Butler movie this actually looks like a higher quality than most. I think it will have very repetitive themes like most disaster movies do but I’m not completely turned off by this trailer.

Clare: Is this a disaster movie or War of the Worlds? I’m genuinely a bit baffled by the film, but I’m equally not a disaster film fan, so maybe I’ve missed something. I think it’ll be a no from me, not least because I’ve had enough of people running around losing their minds during the pandemic, I don’t need to see Butler doing it!

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