TrailerChat – 28 September 2020

Welcome to our latest roundup of some of the recently released trailers, with thoughts and feedback from the CineChat team. As always, please let us know your thoughts regarding any of these upcoming movies/shows in the comments or on any of our social media platforms.

Save Yourselves

From IMDb: A young Brooklyn couple heads to an upstate cabin to unplug from their phones and reconnect with each other. Blissfully unaware of their surroundings, they are left to their own devices as the planet falls under attack. Released October 2020

Mary: I think this could be funny, but I must admit I wasn’t really feeling it in the trailer. I’m not sure why the aliens had to be little puff things I hope there is more to them than their appearance suggests. I’ll give this a go, it’s got potential.

Matt: Satirical horror films and parody horror films are my favourite types, and this looks to have the best of both of those worlds. I like that the goofiness is 100% intentional, and I really like the look of the actors’ performances, I imagine they will make the objectively silly concept feel very human. It looks different for sure. Love the poofs!

Clare: This looks super fun and silly, I would be up for this on a Friday night with a few drinks. Sunita Mani has been a constant delight in Glow, which I have missed so terribly this summer, so I am here for more of her. ‘Poof on the roof’ made me chuckle more than it should.

Lee: This does look fun. I mean, I’m guessing that the little fluffy ‘poofs’ are a lot more dangerous than this trailer is letting on if they’ve managed to cause chaos throughout the rest of the world, and appear to be causing panic among the couple in this trailer? I really want to watch this and find out now!

The Father

From IMDb: A man refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. As he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality. Released December 2020

Mary: Ooo not what I expected at all. But it looks really interesting, I can’t quite put my finger on what the twist will be. I would watch this for the cast alone, an amazing group of actors, this will be impressive.

Matt: I agree, it’s not necessarily what I was expecting – I didn’t know there would be a ‘thriller’ element to this, but I suppose that’s a very clever way of exploring the subject matter really – but overall it’s got to be a must-see hasn’t it? I wouldn’t miss an Olivia Colman performance, and the fact that Anthony Hopkins continues to produce outstanding work at age 82 is fantastic! I wonder how many families’ experience with lockdown will resonate with this film?

Clare: Wow. It’s been a while since a trailer has hit me like that one. I had been expecting quite a heart-warming film based on the poster I’ve seen online, but that knocked me sideways a little. Every performance looks strong, the switches of actors to highlight the horrors of Alzheimers, this could be a mesmerising film.

Lee: And it’s a wow from me too. I really wasn’t expecting that, what an incredible cast. Powerful, emotional, thrilling, this is a great trailer!

The Christmas Chronicles 2

From IMDb: Kate Pierce who is now a cynical teenager, is unexpectedly reunited with Santa Clause when a mysterious troublemaker threatens to cancel Christmas forever. Released November 2020

Mary: He may not be the best Santa out there but he is by far the coolest I am looking forward to this. The first one was just charming enough. I’m totally watching this for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and the Christmas subject matter obviously.

Matt: I’m afraid I haven’t seen the first film, so this teaser wasn’t very helpful to me! So I’ll talk about the title instead… “Chronicles” already implies a series of stories, and so adding ‘2’, ‘3’ etc. onto the title of each sequel seems a bit lazy. They should have Narnia style titles, like “The Christmas Chronicles: The Revenge of Rudolph” or something. I’d want to watch that more than something that sounds like “it’s the same as the first, but done a 2nd time”, just some constructive feedback!

Lee: First of all, I feel I have to congratulate Matt on his stance regarding the title of the movie – brilliant! As for me, I’m sorry to say I glossed over the title of the movie and was just overjoyed to have a sequel to what was a really enjoyable Christmas movie. Seeing Goldie Hawn as Mrs Claus at the end of the first movie was a big surprise, so it’s only natural they’re going to play with that for the sequel. Looking forward to this one.

Clare: I’m a big old Grinch and haven’t seen the first one, but I’ve heard wonderful things. This seemed cute and fun, and a nice wink to the audience who had seen the first. Not for me, but yay for those who will grow up loving this the way I feel about… Hocus Pocus I guess?!

The Mandalorian Season 2

From IMDb: The travels of a lone bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic. Coming to Disney+ October 2020

Clare: I mean just look at his little hands, in his little egg, his little face!!! I’m embarrassed by both how much I’m smiling having watched that, and by the sheer volume of the noise I made when he pressed the little button to close his egg. He is so precious, I love him so much. Mando seems cool too.

Matt: I actually think this looks really good (if not better quality than some of the recent films), and I haven’t seen Series 1 so maybe I will have to check this out? I don’t quite understand the Yoda thing yet, why he’s there, or why he’s a baby… from the outside that bit seems a bit strange, but I suppose I could try to jump on the bandwagon! It looks like we’ll get to know the origin of a lot of things within the Star Wars canon which could be fun.

Lee: I cannot wait for this. The Mandalorian became essential viewing when Disney+ hit the UK early into lockdown. Wonderful, beautifully crafted standalone episodes, all part of a bigger story. Season 2 looks like being more of the same and with a focus on finding the origins of The Child, the Jedi…. it’s all very exciting!

Mary: This is not something I am remotely interested in. The quality is obviously there, it looks great but it’s just not for me. I have no interest in a Star Wars without any Skywalkers or Kenobis etc 😂


From IMDb: Two New Orleans paramedics’ lives are ripped apart after they encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug with bizarre, otherworldly effects. Released October 2020

Clare: Well that is either going to be amazing or utterly terrible. High concept sci-fi on low budgets can sometimes work brilliantly and other times be a complete letdown. I can’t decide if this will be too abstract for me, but the trailer had me slightly intrigued, which is step one of the ‘make Clare watch sci-fi’ battle.

Lee: Following Tenet, are we ready for another dose of mind-bending sci-fi? According to the description accompanying the trailer, this is about a psychedelic drug that will challenge everything we know about reality and the flow of time itself, but I’m not sure the trailer really sold that to me in a very interesting or convincing way. Like Tenet, which ultimately frustrated and disappointed me, I’m always happy to give interesting concepts a watch, so will probably check this one out.

Mary: Hmm well I don’t understand it at all, I’m not sure mind bending is usually my thing I don’t gravitate to sci-fi very often, especially high concept sci-fi but I love Anthony Mackie so maybe I’ll see what people think of this and maybe give it a go.

Matt: I think this could be interesting! The concept, plus some of the visuals and editing displayed in the trailer makes me think it could be a decent watch, it probably won’t get a lot of attention in the long run though I reckon! I’m well up for seeing it though.

Love and Monsters

From IMDb: After a Monsterpocalypse forces humans into underground colonies, a young man decides against all logic to brave the surface and face the monsters standing between him and his lost love. Released October 2020

Clare: It definitely feels like a complete Zombieland rip-off, and the trailer gives way too much away, but… I’m a big Zombieland fan and that dog looks super sweet, so I’d be willing to give it a go. Excellent song choice in the trailer.

Lee: Yes, I did get a Zombieland vibe from this, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. This looks like it could be a lot of fun and I love how there are a variety of monsters to encounter, so we’re (hopefully) likely to be constantly surprised and (hopefully) entertained. And was that a Tremors worm near the end?!

Matt: What do you get when you cross Zombieland, I Am Legend and A Quiet Place?

Mary: This looks pretty awesome actually
Love the Tom Cruise line at the end. This looks equal parts emotion and humour which I like. The effects look pretty good, I reckon this will be an entertaining watch.

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