TrailerChat DC FanDome Special

TrailerChat – DC FanDome Special

This past weekend saw virtual convention DC FanDome take place, covering all things DC related – from comic books, to games, to updates on the DC cinematic universe. There were some big trailer releases to accompany the convention, so we decided to put together a TrailerChat special to discuss them. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the trailers featured via any of our social channels, or in the comments below.

Wonder Woman 1984

Clare: Ohhhh noooo. The first minute of this trailer is brilliant but why oh why did it keep going? My absolute favourite thing about the WW84 campaign so far has been their utter refusal to show us Cheetah and keep Kristin Wiig’s involvement shrouded in mystery. I’m a HUGE Wiig fan, especially when she’s doing a straight role, and this just showed way too much for me. On the whole, the film looks like it will be great, I liked but didn’t love Wonder Woman and this looks like it will only improve on that, so I’ll be excited to watch this. I just wish the trailer editors could have kept some intrigue for release day.

Lee: Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% hyped for this movie. Loved the last Wonder Woman movie – I thought Gal Gadot was perfect in the role, and director Patty Jenkins gave us something pretty special. The first teaser for this sequel did everything it needed to in order to get us interested, but I have a couple of problems with this lengthier trailer. Firstly, the inclusion of Chris Pine. I have no problem with him or his character, but I’m not interested in any comic book bullshit as to why he’s returned for this and I don’t think his character is necessary in this movie… but I’ll probably be proved wrong. Secondly – Kristen Wiig. Again, I think she’s great and I was initially very excited at her casting as Cheetah. But the CGI for her looks terrible, like a reject from last year’s Cats movie, and she doesn’t even look like she’s the main villain of the movie, with something else bigger and more ominous being teased. Other than that, I love it! 😄

Mary: I loved Wonder Woman, there was definitely space for a powerhouse female superhero and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman really fit the bill. I am really excited for this, I am there for a kick-ass woman embodied on the big screen again and I am really interested in the 1980s setting; a decade I love and wish I’d lived through.
Bring it on!!!!

Matt: I was disappointed with the first Wonder Woman if I’m honest. After all the promise of something ‘new’, it was still a pretty generic and predictable superhero movie (not much distinguishing it from the MCU either really – which I think has done the genre to death). I think this looks better than the first one, but I’m half expecting to just see more of the same. I’m not sure why there’s a cat at the end… It looks good visually and I’ll watch it for the sake of keeping up and being able to participate in the conversation, but I honestly really don’t care!

The Batman

Clare: This screams gritty 90s drama, the kind of big budget films that just don’t exist anymore. Would I prefer it to be a non Batman film and just a tense pressure cooker starring Robert Pattinson? Maybe. That being said, Batman when done well can be SO good, and this looks like it is done so well.
A brilliantly curated cast that doesn’t seem show-y, a low budget vibe. I’m not letting myself get excited as the Batman franchise often gives with one hand and takes away with another, but for now? Colour me intrigued. (Though also please add some colour or turn on a light. I like dark but I also like being able to make out what is on the screen!)

Lee: I have no problem with Robert Pattinson, but I’ve just never been able to picture him in this role and making it work. This trailer does go someway towards changing my mind though. As Clare said, it’s got that gritty brutality about it, and this trailer does a great job of keeping some mystery while showing us just what to expect. I’m all in for this.

Mary: I was intrigued by the cast for this film. But on the whole I just don’t see why it was needed there was already a batman in Ben Affleck and even if he didn’t want to come back why is there need for another iteration in less than a few years. It’s just a money-making scheme to me and that really puts me off films when it looks like it’s only done for profit.

Matt: I’m not really sure what to think… I’m glad this was (apparently) just a teaser, because if this was the ‘proper’ trailer I’d be pretty confused! I appreciate that they are clearly going down a different route with this one, and there’s a real edginess and graphic novel vibe that will certainly bring something new that we haven’t seen before, but I just can’t escape thinking that I think we’ve seen Batman done the best it can be done, and it’s just been done too many times now. Again, “done to death” springs to mind… I will say that I am intrigued about The Riddler, and to see how that character will be realised in this much more grounded environment, I think there’s a lot they can do there. And there’s an angst and a brutality about Batman here that is an interesting interpretation – that line change from “justice” to “vengeance” definitely demonstrates how this film will set itself apart from the others – but overall, did this blow me away? Not really.

The Suicide Squad

Lee: James Gunn has already proved he can juggle multiple characters and come up with fun filled, action packed and entertaining movies, following his work on Guardians of the Galaxy. The last Suicide Squad was a big fat disappointment, but this one looks like it’s going to be everything that movie should have been and more in his capable hands. The characters look completely nuts and there certainly seems to be some wild action scenes, so I hope it all gels together nicely for the finished movie. And it’s great to see Margot Robbie back having a blast as Harley Quinn

Clare: This might be the most excited I’ve ever been for a DC film?
Suicide Squad remains a sour disappointment, Birds of Prey however was a huge surprise and still sits in this years top 5. I adore James Gunn and this cast, his script and the vibe this sneak peek is giving off? I want this. A lot.

Mary: Again not seen suicide squad and don’t want to. But I really love what James Gunn did switching up Marvel’s look and tone so this could be interesting. It’s a different type of sneak peak showing the behind the scenes, and hearing from the cast; something I love so I think that was a great idea.

Matt: I stand by that Suicide Squad is 100% probably the worst film I have ever seen in my life. So things can really only get better. And although I’m sure no one asked for this film, the fact that they are urging us to know that this is “how it could have been done” instead is promising. Again, I feel the DC / Marvel boundary is being blurred and all is merging into a big generic ‘done to death’ mush, but the saving grace with these characters and source material is that they can go a bit more outlandish and break the rules (which the first one completely failed to deliver on). I like the idea of doing teaser trailers like this, this should happen more often. It’ll be something I watch to stay in the conversation, and I’m more than open to seeing some redemption for the first film, but am I excited? Still no, sorry!

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Clare: This trailer unfortunately sums up everything I love and hate about Zack Snyder’s direction style in equal measure. Everything about this looks stunning, epic, powerful. Adding in the song choice the whole thing looks like a music video. But that has always been my problem with Snyder, he has an amazing eye for a beautiful shot but sacrifices story telling and scene continuity and his films feel like one giant non-stop montage. I have had reservations regarding the whole SnyderCut issue as I feel many internet folks have gone too far in the pursuit of this, however I am pleased for Snyder himself and the core fans.
Whilst I am not a fan, I do understand why so many are, and this looks like it’s going to please a lot of people – though maybe not UK fans as it sounds like they haven’t figured out global release yet..?

Lee: I’m in the minority in that I actually quite liked the original Justice League movie. I’ve never understood the ridiculous fanboys though and their relentless pursuit of this particular version, hijacking every DC related tweet with their stupid hashtag like it’s the world’s greatest injustice that we haven’t had this version. I cannot for one moment imagine that it is going to be worthy of all that effort, but I am hoping to be proven wrong. There are actually some new elements to this trailer, which would be interesting to see play out, and hopefully the complete product won’t be too much of a mess.

Mary: I’m the wrong audience for this I haven’t seen Justice League and have no desire to do so. Therefore I cannot tell what is different with this one. I’ve never liked the aesthetic of the DC comics with one exception: Wonder Woman. I guess I’m more of a Marvel girl.

Matt: Sorry, I have no idea what this is. The fact that I don’t remember or recognise anything from the original Justice League film in this trailer probably says something about how forgettable the whole thing really was… I wouldn’t notice any changes even if you pointed them out, and frankly I wouldn’t care either. Somebody asked for this? Why?

Black Adam

Clare: In fairness to the creative team behind this trailer, they’ve done a lot with a little. I have a sense of the character, a general vibe, considering there’s no real footage they’ve done a really good job here.
Now my opinion of the film? Well, with a Dwayne Johnson film you flip a coin really, don’t you? Sometimes you get a Jumanji and sometimes you get a Baywatch. Here’s hoping for a Jumanji!

Mary: I think they wasted their money making this. Everyone has known for years he’s been involved and it didn’t give you anything at all no story not even the look of the character pretty pointless really.

Matt: This is a character I didn’t know about… I like the ancient / mythological backstory / setting, and the fact that I can’t tell if he is a hero or villain, but this does seem like they weren’t ready to release a teaser yet so just quickly threw something cheap together. I laughed out loud at the first part of this trailer – video game graphics circa 2000 right there! I was hoping they wouldn’t make this ‘about’ Dwayne Johnson like most films do nowadays, but the more it went on the more I had hope that it wouldn’t. But am I excited about this? Surprise, surprise… nope.

Lee: I was excited for this movie anyway, and Dwayne Johnson really does know how to enthusiastically sell something. But I agree with a lot of what the rest of the team have said – we already knew he was going to be playing the character, we’ve seen the concept artwork of him suited up, and if you’ve got any interest in it at all, you’ll either already know or will have researched the back story for Black Adam. This served no purpose, other than to let us know that it’s still being worked on.

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