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After revisiting ‘Timecrimes‘ recently, I was reminded of another movie that I first watched around the same time as that one, and which was similar in a lot of ways – a movie called Triangle. Like Timecrimes, Triangle involves a mysterious attacker who has their head covered, but Triangle stuck with me afterwards for a lot longer than Timecrimes did. It messed with my head and I rarely get affected by movies as much as I did with this one. It really unsettled me for a good few days afterwards, and having now watched it again, it still holds up as a one hell of a great movie.

Melissa George is an incredible actress and she is just on top form here, playing single mother to an autistic boy. She heads out on a yacht trip with a group of people but a freak storm capsizes their boat. Spotting an abandoned cruise ship, they manage to make it on board where they are hunted by a mysterious hooded attacker. But the attacker seems vaguely familiar…

Triangle Melissa George

Triangle is like a more nightmarish version of Groundhog Day, as Jess (Melissa George) loops back on herself and begins to discover that everything that has happened before has already happened many, many times previously and will continue to do so unless she can somehow break the cycle. Highlighting the number of times this story has already looped are some genuinely creepy scenes – the most effective and unsettling for me being where one of the seriously wounded characters staggers out on deck, only to discover multiple versions of herself from previous loops, most of them dead but some still barely alive!

The movie has a great ending and immediately gets you re-thinking about the opening scenes and how they connect to the end. It twists your mind over and over and repeat viewings just make it all the more enjoyable. I’ve also just discovered that there is a lot of in-depth analysis and theory online regarding the movie, most of which succeeded in giving me a headache!

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