We Are One: Day 1 – Best of Shorts

We Are One: A Global Film Festival is a free 10-day online festival, exclusively on YouTube, born out of the idea that the film community can come together in times of crises – both in celebration of films and in support by providing much needed relief for COVID-19 efforts.

The 10-day online festival is from May 29 – June 7 on . Each film or program will have a first screening at a scheduled time but don’t worry if you miss it! Many of the films will be available on VOD to watch at your leisure through the course of the festival.

Bird Karma (Annecy Festival)

A beautiful and soothing animation. With a similar story to any typical Looney Tunes episode, a bird becomes enamoured with the fish that got away. Whilst the concept is very simple, the beautiful visuals and calming soundtrack make it feel so much more. I was also genuinely left open mouthed at the ending.

Bilby (Annecy Festival)

A bilby (look them up, they’re real and cute!) discovers being a parent is hard. The white fluffball of bird he becomes guardian of is possible the most beautiful animated creature I’ve ever seen. It’s a lovely short to watch, with a heart-warming message of courage and kindness at its core.

Marooned (Annecy Festival)

Marooned reminded me of some of the earlier Pixar shorts, possibly down to the similar musical choices. Another story of the unexpected sacrifices within parenthood, it’s very silly but very charming.

And Then The Bears (Festival De Cannes)

The animation style of this short seems so simple, but the concept of the piece is so complex, and gifted animators show us how much can be told by a simple line. The animation could at times be grotesque and challenging, but physically effective. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t entirely understand the story and symbolism, but the use of dance within the animation was incredibly powerful, and I found this the most sensory of all the shorts.

The Distance Between Us and the Sky (Festival De Cannes)

Clever framing makes this short about a chance encounter feel so intense. Every facial expression matters, every tiny movement speaks a thousand words, as it does in real life when you feel that first spark of attraction. The final shot and accompanying song are incredibly beautiful.

White Echo (Festival De Cannes)

Written and directed by Chloë Sevigny, White Echo has beautiful moments but is ruined by the spectre in the final shot. Heavily influenced by films such as Suspiria, Sevigny has the eye for a good shot, but there’s nothing original here.

Egg (Tribeca Film Festival)​

What a perfect genre piece. Ticks all the right boxes, an homage to many great films and just the right amount of silly. Do you know the journey it took to get an egg on your plate?

Toto (Tribeca Film Festival)

Imagine Big Hero 6, except with a little old Nonna making spaghetti. Cute and heart- warming, so why did the ending need to be so sad?

No More Wings (Tribeca Film Festival)

A very real and clever concept. Two childhood friends meet up as they face differing paths in their grown up lives, whilst we flit between their teenage selves. The story at the core presents us with the pain of moving on, versus the struggle of staying put. As someone who grew up 10 minutes away from the setting of Woolwich, everything about this piece rang true.

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