Bad Moms

Bad Moms

PRE-MOVIE THOUGHTS: These days, movies billed as comedies tend to be pretty bad. Funny, wacky trailers which turn out after seeing the movie to contain pretty much all of it’s funny moments. I much prefer movies which sell themselves as a different genre but contain elements of humour – otherwise I think there’s too much pressure to try and deliver. Bad Moms bills itself as coming from the writers of the first Hangover movie, probably one of only a handful of decent movie comedies in recent years, so not a bad thing. It also features a pretty good female cast and has the added benefit of appealing to my wife, who is a stressed mom herself 😊 So, Mr and Mrs Boardman get to go on a rare, joint cinema trip together in the hopes that there will be enough here to appeal to us both. But hopefully nothing that would give my wife any ideas about rebelling in a similar way… 😄

POST MOVIE REVIEW: Mila Kunis plays Amy, a very busy mom. She goes from school to work to after school club to PTA meeting and she’s mostly late to everything. And she’s very, very stressed. SIDE NOTE: She looks nothing like any tired stressed mum I’ve ever seen. She looks too immaculate, she looks too… Mila Kunis!

After a particularly bad day of discovering her useless husband having online sex with another woman, the dog needing to go to the vets and then clipping the wing mirror of her car, the final straw comes when she arrives late to an ’emergency’ PTA meeting (hosted by Christina Applegate) only to discover it’s about banned ingredients for the upcoming bake sale! She snaps – no more good mom!!

She joins forces with timid mom Kristin Bell and local man eater Kathryn Hahn – cue some raucous slo-mo rebellion in the local supermarket (which is very funny) accompanied by rebellious music, followed by lots more rebellious behavior as the moms strike out against rich and perfect Christina Applegate and her gang of perfect PTA moms.

There’s a lot of humour for parents to appreciate and relate to here and literally the whole cinema was laughing in unison on many occasions. The dads are portrayed as a bunch of idiots, but in a funny way, and the gang of moms are all funny, believable and work well together. The movie breezes by, isn’t ground breaking, but isn’t unfunny or boring at any point either. Good fun.

Board Rating 4

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