Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Well, I seem to be in the minority of people who really enjoyed this…

I enjoyed Man of Steel too. I remember going on the day of release – I’d had a particularly bad day, filled with car trouble, and Man of Steel was the perfect bit of escapism. I particularly enjoyed the earlier half of the film and loved how well Henry Cavill made the role his own. Like many others, the latter parts of the movie were just a destructive assault on the senses for me, but that didn’t spoil it too much. I came out feeling just like I did when I saw the original Superman movie as a small boy.

With BvS, it was the assault on my senses which made the film for me. It begins with a recap of the destruction in Man of Steel, interestingly replayed through the eyes of Bruce Wayne. From there the film shifts into serious slow burn, filled with strange dream like sequences and the increasingly annoying and over the top antics of Lex Luthor. When things eventually do shift up a gear, it’s glorious. Affleck more than proves himself as Batman, and Wonder Woman is just amazing. I am really looking forward to her standalone movie now. This last part of the movie is well worth enduring the slow burn for, and for me it really did make it enjoyable overall.

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