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Deadpool 2 1

After a relatively slow and average start featuring a depressed Deadpool, some standard taking out of bad guys, moaning at Colossus about the X-Men etc, Deadpool 2 eventually slips into gear and doesn’t let up from then on. A number of additional characters are soon introduced, and those that stick around for more than just a couple of scenes are definitely worth it. Josh Brolin brings just the right level of bad-ass threat to the movie as Cable, arriving from the future with a Terminator style mission to take care of. Zazie Beetz’s as Domino, whose superpower is simply ‘luck’ is just a joy to watch, and the formation of the new ‘X-Force’ team just takes things to a whole new level of enjoyment.

The one-liners are still there, and there are many scenes which just seem to feature one big laugh out loud moment after another. Everything about Deadpool 2 is just a huge improvement on the original – the action, the humour, the characters, the cameos and the story itself. I loved it.

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