I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty Review

Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) feels average, and anything but pretty in this world. Clothing store workers sneer at her choice of fashion, suggesting that she should instead venture in the direction of the plus size clothing. Supermarket customers mistake her as just a downtrodden employee, focusing instead on the ‘perfect’ girl standing beside her. In busy bars, workers favour the pretty girls ordering drinks over her, and in her exercise class she’s made to feel uncomfortable at her larger than average footwear needs. She’s also part of a small group of 3 friends, who all struggle to attract dates in this superficial world, and wish they were prettier.

Then one day, Renee falls off her exercise bike and bangs her head. When she comes round, she believes that magic has made her beautiful, and she thinks that all her friends are seeing someone completely different. Only they’re not, they’re seeing exactly the same person as before.

This perceived change gives Renee a new found confidence. She believes that men are trying to hit on her, and in one of the movies funnier moments, she believes she can win a bikini competition. She also pursues her dream of becoming receptionist for the large cosmetics company she works for, moving from the dull, dark office of their online division all the way up to their big shiny head office where all the beautiful people work. And where her idol and boss, Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams) works. Eventually, another bang to the head reverses the ‘spell’ and Renee has to try and deal with the sudden realisation that beauty really is only skin deep.

With Amy Schumer onboard for this, I guess I was expecting it to be a lot funnier than it actually is. While I didn’t not like it, I’ve got to say I was pretty disappointed overall. There’s obviously a strong message to this movie, but it gradually becomes muddled as the movie progresses and isn’t effectively executed, which is a real shame considering. I wondered if being a man, I was maybe missing the message and failing to appreciate it as much as a woman might, but my wife actually felt the same way.

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