Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange 1

I’ve been looking forward to this one for such a long time now. The Marvel movies have just gone from strength to strength recently, peaking earlier in the year with Civil War. The movies that break from the usual routine – Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man – have all been different, but just as strong and enjoyable in their own right, so expectations were high for Doctor Strange. But there’s still always the potential for things to go horribly wrong and introducing spells and sorcery to the Marvel universe is a pretty risky move.

Luckily though, the risk pays off. Doctor Strange completely shakes up the traditional superhero formula we’ve become used to and breathes vibrant new life into the Marvel universe.

But as this is our first encounter with Strange, we obviously have to deal with the origin story before getting to the good stuff. Strange begins the movie as a brilliant, wealthy, but slightly big-headed New York surgeon, until a car accident nearly kills him. He’s left with mangled hands – not good for anyone, especially a surgeon. He takes it very badly, refusing to accept that his career is over. After hearing of a guru/necromancer who can apparently restore physical abilities, Strange heads off to Nepal where he meets the mysterious Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton. She proceeds to take Strange on his mind bending journey towards enlightenment.

There follows a lot of training and learning, which drags a little at times, but then it’s time to get into the task of defending the world. That’s where the fun begins.

The visuals are next level jaw dropping. Battles on streets and buildings as they warp and rotate inception style but on steroids, battles on the spiritual plane, battles as time runs back backwards and while it stands still. It’s a mind boggling treat for the eyes and best watched in eye popping 3D. Sensational.

Board Rating 4
Lee Boardman
My watch-list of movies and TV shows continues to grow, while my spare time continues to shrink. Occasionally though, I'll manage to tick one off the list, and then try to come up with some words about it that make me sound as though I know what I'm talking about. "Once he has discovered something, he wants to be off onto the next thing, rather than spending time and elaborating" - snippet from my primary school report, confirming that I am, and always have been, easily distracted.