The Walking Dead S07E02

The Walking Dead S07E02

A sharp tonal shift from the continuous onslaught of terror and gut wrenching heartbreak in last weeks episode. This week, Carol and Morgan find themselves at The Kingdom, another idyllic community full of smiling happy inhabitants, vegetable growing and even a choir! Presiding over it all is King Ezekiel, accompanied by his tiger Shiva.

Carol initially seems awestruck, giddy with joy and excited at the wonder of the place. But, she’s a realist and it’s not long before we discover she’s faking it and already hatching a plan to make a run for it. She’s seen one too many seemingly peaceful communities all turn to shit to be fooled by another. And so have we.

But, that’s not to say we can’t enjoy things while they last and get our breath back after last weeks trauma. The episode works well, nicely filling us in on some backstory regarding the likeable King Ezekiel. Negan and his goons aren’t completely out of the picture though as we discover that The Kingdom also has an arrangement to supply them with food and supplies. This week it’s nice plump pigs, fattened up by dining on walkers!

I’m sure we’ll continue to get this regular back and forth for a while, between the horror of Negan and Rick and the calm of Ezekiel and Morgan/Carol, until both worlds spectacularly collide at some point around the mid season finale. If that’s the case then this is looking to be a pretty strong and interesting season.

Board Rating 4

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