Friend Request

Friend Request 1

Laura has over 800 friends on Facebook. Her timeline is full of pictures and status updates all showing what a fun life she has. Marina is fairly new in school and likes to pull her hair out. Her timeline is full of dark imagery and artwork and she has zero friends. She sends Laura a friend request, wanting friendship and a slice of the great life she seems to have. Laura takes pity and accepts the request. But Marina begins to get a bit too clingy, to the point where Laura decides to unfriend her. Creepy occult witchcraft shit ensues, Facebook timelines get messed with, people start seeing things and dying horrible deaths.

I actually really enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would and a lot of the scares and creepiness worked well. However, I found the ending a bit too drawn out and unsatisfying, which spoiled it for me a little.

Lee Boardman
My watch-list of movies and TV shows continues to grow, while my spare time continues to shrink. Occasionally though, I'll manage to tick one off the list, and then try to come up with some words about it that make me sound as though I know what I'm talking about. "Once he has discovered something, he wants to be off onto the next thing, rather than spending time and elaborating" - snippet from my primary school report, confirming that I am, and always have been, easily distracted.