Eye In The Sky

Eye In The Sky

Tension slowly builds as we’re introduced to all the wonderful toys and technology that give us our eyes in the sky for the movie. We’re tracking some bad men and women, who turn out to be suicide bombers. The decision is made to take them out.

Shit, there’s a little girl selling bread right outside their house!!

Lots of important military and government men and women then spend a very long time discussing the legal and moral implications of what might happen, tension increases to breaking point, everyone gives a first class performance, I forget to breathe properly on several occasions!

Brilliant, powerful, thought provoking.

Board Rating 4
Lee Boardman
My watch-list of movies and TV shows continues to grow, while my spare time continues to shrink. Occasionally though, I'll manage to tick one off the list, and then try to come up with some words about it that make me sound as though I know what I'm talking about. "Once he has discovered something, he wants to be off onto the next thing, rather than spending time and elaborating" - snippet from my primary school report, confirming that I am, and always have been, easily distracted.