This is a truly wonderful movie.

Theodore is a lonely writer, separated from his wife. He installs an OS with artificial intelligence called Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) and she begins learning about his life and communicating with him regularly. This seems to be a world, similar to our own but with some very different technology. Battery life, data usage and high quality Wi-Fi/ broadband do not seem to be an issue here as Theodore and Samantha continue their conversations on the beach, on the underground etc, for hours at a time. Anyway, they get on really well and…they fall in love…

On paper, this all sounds ridiculous. But the whole thing is handled beautifully. It’s just a wonderful love story. Joaquin Phoenix is outstanding, along with a great supporting cast including the beautiful Amy Adams. But it’s Scarlett Johansson, giving a perfect vocal performance, which really makes this movie believable and so very special.

Lee Boardman
Web developer by day, with a movie and TV watchlist that continues to grow as much as my spare time reduces! My favourite movie is Inception and, despite what everyone says, I do not have a man-crush on Tom Cruise.
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