The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys

I went into The Nice Guys not knowing too much about it. Sure, I knew that Shane Black was behind it. I knew that Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe starred and that it was a buddy crime comedy. But I hadn’t even properly seen the trailer, and only seen a clip on a talk show recently where the stars were being interviewed about it. So it was nice to be going into a movie where I’ve heard some good reviews, but hadn’t had multiple trailers and countless TV spots rammed down my throat in an attempt to show me how amazing the movie was.

Ryan Gosling is a private investigator. He’s a bit of an accident prone goofball and is just brilliant in this movie, providing many of the films funniest moments. His initial meeting with tough guy for hire Russell Crowe doesn’t go so well but they eventually pair up to work on a a case in which they share a mutual interest.

I really liked the 70s feel to this movie. The cheesy music and the whole 70s style were very well done. Unfortunately though for me, the case the guys were working on was seriously dull and there just wasn’t enough humour to carry it. I found myself halfway through the movie just hoping it would end!

Lee Boardman
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