I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants Review

I hadn’t heard of I Kill Giants until I stumbled across it on Netflix. After a brief bit of research, watching the trailer and discovering it’s based on a graphic novel, I decided to give it a go.

The story is about Barbara, a young teen living with her older sister and brother. Barbara doesn’t really have any friends, and is bullied at school. She likes to play Dungeons and Dragons, so is thought of as nerdy and weird. She also believes that giants are coming to attack her hometown, so spends her time researching, laying traps and developing weapons, believing she is the only one capable of saving the town. Her sessions with the school psychologist don’t tend to go too well, and she clearly has a lot of issues that she needs to try and work out.

If you’ve seen A Monster Calls, then I felt that this movie treads some very similar ground to that, a very similar style and tone, along with some great acting from it’s young cast. Luckily, I wasn’t quite as emotional at the end of this movie as I was at the end of A Monster Calls, but I did find it just as enjoyable and not what I was expecting.

Board Rating 4

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