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Lights Out

PRE-MOVIE THOUGHTS: Lights Out is based on a 2013 short, written and directed by David F. Sandberg. Great premise, brilliantly executed, so only a matter of time before somebody jumped at making a full length feature out of it! With Sandberg back for directing duties, the involvement of James Wan, and a promising looking trailer, this looked like it was going to be great. I immediately had high hopes of seeing something along the lines of ‘It Follows’. I also hoped that when I got home from the evening screening that I wouldn’t have to park my car too far away from my house, meaning I’d have to rely on street lighting to guide me as I walked alone back to my house… 😳😊

POST MOVIE REVIEW: The thing about the 2013 short is that it didn’t have to bother with any setup or back story, just the scares. You can’t really get away with that in a movie so they needed to come up with something to explain why this entity is here and what it wants. How the spirit came to be is a little questionable (but then isn’t that the case with most films of this type anyway?) but what it’s doing now is more interesting, believable and spooky. The attachment to the family in question is well done and the spirit is far more malevolent and scary than in the short. The movie fizzles out quite quickly at the end and is a little bit disappointing when it does, but overall I thought this was pretty well done. And I didn’t have to walk too far home in the dark afterwards after all…

Board Rating 4

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