Mr Robot - Season 2

Mr Robot – Season 2

Collecting together my various reviews posted onto the Goodshows app. Spoilers ahead!

Episode 1

After a highly effective social media build up recently, the hugely anticipated second season of Mr Robot is finally here!

Set 1 month after the events of last seasons finale, Elliot is now living with his mother. No internet, no computer. He’s still fighting his inner demons though, and the aftermath of what happened last season continues to affect our uncertain world.

I don’t know what else to say about it other than it was brilliant. If you enjoyed season 1, you already know how amazing this show is and what to expect from it, and it just doesn’t disappoint. Brilliantly written and acted, stylishly done and with a great soundtrack too. Fantastic.

Episode 3

What the hell has happened to Mr Robot?!

Every single episode of season 1 had me gripped from start to finish. I don’t very often binge watch a show, but season 1 had that hold over me.

Episode 4

4 episodes into season 2 and I’m struggling. It’s just not holding my attention. There’s no direction. The only thing keeping me watching is Portia Doubleday 😀

There is a glimmer of hope towards the end though as Elliot finally seems to be accepting that Mr Robot is here to stay. And he finally gets access to a computer once more, with a plan in mind…

Here’s hoping that things are now back on track.

Episode 10

For anyone, like me, who watches season 2 of Mr Robot and gets increasingly frustrated by each new episode, to the point where they feel like giving up but they keep clinging on out of loyalty to a show which had one of the best first seasons I’d seen in a long time. Stick with it.

By about episode 6 or 7, I was so pissed off with this show. Tired of the wacky ways of showing us how Elliots mind coped with certain life events. Tired of another big reveal about Elliot which came nowhere close to the big reveal in season 1. Tired of all the other characters not really moving things forward in an interesting way.

But there was something about episode 8 which I loved. It had tension, it had paranoia. And funnily enough, it didn’t feature Elliot at all! When Elliot did return for episode 9, we got some explanation and it was done well. We got more tension and paranoia as the FBI worked to close in on the fsociety hackers. Things seemed back on track.

All of that continues to build in this, episode 10. Every character I’ve been pissed off about before now has a part to play and they’re playing it damn well. The FBI investigation is gripping, and Dominique is also brilliant. We still don’t know where Tyrell is, or if he’s alive for certain. And then we get a double whammy of amazing cliffhangers to round off the episode! Phew – amazing!!

I’ve never known a show where I’ve gone from loving it to hating it and then back to loving it again. We’re very near the end of the season now and I really hope this pace keeps up and rewards us with a great finale.

Episode 11

WTF? I enjoyed it… but I don’t understand it….. just, WTF?!

Angela spends a night travelling captive in the back of a van, followed by the weirdest four hour long interview/meeting I’ve ever seen, but still manages to look immaculately hot at the end of it all…

There’s weird shit going on with Elliot too, but then isn’t there always?!

I just don’t know what’s happening, but I hope my small brain can cope with the next episode!

Note to self – Try and watch something a little less complicated during your lunch break after your brain has already been turned to mush from a pretty intense morning meeting at work…

Episode 12

This season of Mr Robot has been very mixed. My last few reviews have gone from frustrated annoyance and hate, to satisfied high praise and love, to complete and utter confusion! This episode definitely isn’t too confusing and it certainly isn’t annoying, but it’s not quite the wonderful finale that you might expect either.

The scenes with Dom and Darlene are great, as are the ones with Tyrell and Elliot. And not forgetting Joanna either. It’s all beautifully acted, tense and cinematic as always. It’s certainly an enjoyable episode and the fact that not many questions are answered didn’t annoy me as much as it has done in the past for some reason. We still end up with questions, not to mention the post-credits scene, but that’s all OK. I’m just excited again now for season 3.

Board Rating 4

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