Poltergeist (2015)

Poltergeist 2015

I am such a big fan of the original Poltergeist movie and I was amazed when I heard this remake was being made. The trailer looked interesting enough for me to want to give it a chance, but I missed it when it came out at the cinema, only now catching it on Netflix. The one star suggested rating from Netflix didn’t bode well though…

This version meanders lazily through a pretty much step-by-step recreation of the 1982 original. Some slight original tweaks of its own can be found here and there, but there are no scares at all. Modern movie effects and techniques improve the latter third of the movie compared to the original as the family work to return their daughter Madison and this just about saves it from being a total disaster. I’m amazed that with so many original ghost films around these days such as The Conjuring, somebody felt the need to remake something which just didn’t need to be remade.

Lee Boardman
My watch-list of movies and TV shows continues to grow, while my spare time continues to shrink. Occasionally though, I'll manage to tick one off the list, and then try to come up with some words about it that make me sound as though I know what I'm talking about. "Once he has discovered something, he wants to be off onto the next thing, rather than spending time and elaborating" - snippet from my primary school report, confirming that I am, and always have been, easily distracted.