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Wolf Creek

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Episode 1

Wolf Creek is an Australian TV series based on the two movies of the same name. Created by Greg McClean, who also wrote and directed the movies, it even features the same actor reprising his role as the killer! I’d never actually seen the Wolf Creek movies so went into this show with an open mind and nothing to compare it to.

The original film was loosely based on true events involving murders of tourists in the Australian outback, so when we encounter an American family driving across the lonely outback while on vacation you kind of know it’s not going to end too well. Sure enough, before the opening credits have even rolled our killer has not only befriended the family but he’s also brutally executed them, calmly cleaning up after himself too. But, eldest daughter Eve is still alive and ends up waking in hospital after being washed downstream away from the murder scene.

The first episode deals with her recovery, and her dealings with the local police as she goes from being a suspect to trying to convince them that they need to pursue the case and capture the murderer. Their files are full of unresolved tourist disappearances spanning many years though and this family murder appears to be the latest case without much evidence for them to follow up on. So, they’re just keen to get Eve patched up and back home with a new passport. She has other ideas…

This is all about Eve getting her revenge, and I’m really hoping she gets it by the end of the season. Before the end of this episode, our killer is already at it again – he’s cold, unpredictable and very well portrayed and it’s going to be great if and when he gets what’s coming to him. Eve is the kind of unexpected female badass that I’ve loved seeing in movies such as You’re Next and It Follows. I’m expecting lots of twist, turns, and red herrings along the way but episode 1 is a pretty solid start so if they can keep that quality going throughout the rest of the season then this is going to be a great show.

Episode 2

I’ve spoken about SED before (Second Episode Drag), a highly intense first episode reels you in before dialing things back considerably for episode 2. There’s a bit of that in this second episode of Wolf Creek as Eve sets out on the road to hunt for the man who murdered her family, with not very much to go on as to his whereabouts. She gets thrown in jail and has a run in with some local crooks but she’s no further forward yet in her hunt.

Some great performances all round though, particularly from our killer, who puts in a couple of appearances during this episode as he tries to lure a couple of tourists to their deaths. Still a good, promising show and I’m still looking forward to our killer hopefully getting what’s coming to him!

Episode 3

Who would have thought that driving around the Australian outback, looking for a killer when you’ve got no idea where he is or where he might be next would prove to be so entertaining. But so far, Wolf Creek is pulling it off.

This week, the focal point of the episode is a small diner/gas station where the grace of the Madonna was once seen on the floor of the toilets! Eve stops to get gas and asks the woman serving if she has ever seen anyone matching the killers description. The fact that the woman mistakes Eve to be Irish and not American works to her advantage throughout the episode as others come in to ask about the whereabouts of Eve – the gang member she screwed over in the last episode, the cop that’s been on her trail since she gave him the slip and even the killer. He now knows that Eve is on his trail and Eve finds out later on that he’s onto her too.

A good episode with a good cliffhanger at the end too.

Episode 4

Pretty average episode. Eve pretends to be a journalist so that she can question the parents of a girl who went missing a few years ago. But things go badly wrong and she finds herself in a very dangerous situation. She gets herself back on track with the help of a local aborigine before setting off for another random town in the Australian outback.

Meanwhile, Mick continues to kill tourists and locals for shits and giggles in his hunt for Eve.

Only 2 episodes left to go so hopefully things drastically improve next week.

Episode 5

Man what an episode!

Eve is now working in a bar, with a brunette wig and makeup to disguise her looks. Her co-workers know that she’s on the look out for Mick the killer and promise to tip her off if somebody matching his description comes in. And then he does come in, but doesn’t recognise her, giving her the opportunity to follow him when he leaves. But, following somebody on a long deserted road in the Australian outback kind of looks a bit suspicious… so Mick pulls over to let Eve go by in order to see who’s following him. And then she pulls over to let him go by! By now though he knows for sure that Eve is onto him.

Eve calls on Sullivan, the cop who first helped her out, and he comes to find her with talk of a plan to bait and catch Mick. And then, not even half way through the episode… one of those moments which makes you go NOOOOOOO!!!! And that’s just the first of many moments where Mick is letting Eve know that he’s still firmly in charge.

Great improvement this episode, great ending too. Looking forward to next weeks finale.

Episode 6

Tense, frustrating, unbelievable and enjoyable in equal measure. Not quite the satisfying finale I was hoping for, but pretty damn good all the same. Keep watching until the end of the credits for even more frustration…


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