Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

My little brother would have absolutely lost his geeky shit over this movie. That thought continued to pop into my head as I watched and enjoyed Civil War. He was a massive superhero and comic nerd who sadly lost his battle with cancer shortly before the release of Age of Ultron last year, a movie he was so looking forward to seeing. Likewise he was just as pumped for Civil War too, and I could imagine the huge geeky grin on his face permanently fixed throughout the whole film.

I actually had a pretty big geeky grin on my face for most of this too to be fair. If you’ve got any interest in Captain America or The Avengers at all then you know exactly what you’re in for here. The huge scenes of destruction that plagued more recent Marvel movies have been reigned in. In its place, the heroes we’ve come to know and love are fighting it out amongst themselves, each one given ample opportunity to show off their power and skill to the max in a succession of entertaining showdowns.

But this isn’t just fighting for the sake of fighting. As many other reviews have already stated, this is a movie with heart. Each confrontation is discussed and agonised over in depth and you can’t help but feel for both teams as they battle against friends. Black Panther is a fantastic addition to the universe and I cannot wait to see more of him. And welcome back Spidey! After recent disappointing movie outings I never thought I’d get so excited seeing Spider-Man in action again!

Hugely satisfying, highly recommended.

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